Ideas that shaped Western and Eastern cultures 1

Scholars have noted the major thoughts and philosophies that have influenced Western civilization and Asian cultures. The 3 major influences of Western civilization are Greek culture, Roman culture, and Christianity. “The Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman traditions are the two principal components of Western civilization.” — in Western Civilization: Ideas, Politics, and Society, Volume 2 […]

30 emerging leaders listed in Outreach Magazine

This article “New Voices, New Directions” (by Tim Willard and Lindy Lowry @LindyLowry) in the Sept/Oct 2011 issue of Outreach Magazine opens with: “From pastors to social justice advocates to musicians and artists, the evangelical landscape brims with young leaders striving not for the limelight, but to cast a light…” […]

How much leadership can a person have? 15

Swimming in a sea of leadership books, blogs, and programs, I’m frankly quite conflicted about what exactly is leadership. Sure there are a ton of aspects to developing and being a leader: skills, competency, character, knowledge, attitude, chemistry, discipline, passion, vision, relating, motivating, persuading, deciding, planning, ad nauseum. In the […]

5 ways to develop leaders 11

Leadership is big business. There’s over 3,200 products tagged “leadership” on This leadership industry of selling goods and services shows there’s tons of interest in leadership development amidst organizations of all kinds: government, business, corporations, non-profits, ministries, churches, et al. Since leadership development has become a big part of […]