Best of the new top-level domains

In our crowdsourced world today, indicators of what’s best could be measured by: what’s most popular, the best reviews, the highest ratings, the most likes, the most shares, the highest score. In this new era of the Internet namespace, with nearly a thousand new domain extensions (technically known as generic top-level domains […]

List of dotBrand websites launched to date 2

ICANN’s new gTLD program has many more brands applying for its top-level domain, far beyond expectations. And 400+ new gTLDs have launched so far (new domain extensions like .CHURCH, .CLUB, .LINK, and .WEBSITE) with more to come. In the mix are dotBrand TLDs, those that are exclusively used by a […]

How to get the new gTLD domain names you want 3

With new gTLDs (generic top-level domains) launching every week this year and the next, there’s quite a feeding frenzy for potentially popular domain names. There are domain investors (aka domainers or cybersquatters, cf. domain name speculation) as well as individuals and organizations that want to get certain domain names. The […]