February is Fundraising. Every day. All month. 3

Welcome to old friends and new visitors here to! You’ve come at an opportune time for my initiative called “February is Fundraising.” Watch the videos – February is Fundraising playlist Subscribe to my YouTube channel for daily video updates at Subscribe to the monthly email newsletter about DJ Chuang’s […]

Tim Keller explains the systemic problem of white privilege 27

Back in March 2012, during an event titled “Race and the Christian” with John Piper, Tim Keller, and Anthony Bradley, they surfaced a number of the challenges and difficulties about the topic of race in the Christian ministry and church contexts. One particular segment during the Q&A portion was particularly […]

nonprofits that just raise funds 9

At the Ideation Conference this week, one of my aha moments was realizing a new breed of non-profit organizations that primarily serve the role of fundraising and raising awareness. I was touched by the collaborative spirit of the humanitarians at #theideation, and how each org finds the role they play […]