What is the Emergent Church? According to Tony Jones

Here’s a brief history of the “Emergent Church”, excerpted from the paper presented by Tony Jones at a 2007 Wheaton Theology conference but rejected from the publication of the conference proceedings:: What Is the Emergent Church? First off, the name: Emergent. The tags, “emerging church” and “emerging leaders” were being […]

what is emergent church?

I’ve been occasional conversational partner with the emergent church/ emergent village thing. I have no official roles or titles, never been to one of those secret meetings, but I have a handful of friends who are more on the “in” and even other non-Anglos got published in their latest book, […]

Ed Stetzer out loud

Ed Stetzer’s been making the rounds on the speaking circuit this week. You might have heard of Ed for introducing the 3-category understanding of the emerging church: relevants, reconstructionalists, and revisionists. Ed has a slot at the Resurgence blog, and apparently a more established blog presence at The Missional Network. […]