how emergent church emerged 6

if you’re curious like me (or, have a StrengthsFinder theme of INPUT, like me), I’ve wanted to know what really happened behind the scenes, and how this whole emergent church thing blossomed, and it was something years in the making, mostly unintentional, from what I gather. And it’s become a […]

What is the Emergent Church? According to Tony Jones

Here’s a brief history of the “Emergent Church”, excerpted from the paper presented by Tony Jones at a 2007 Wheaton Theology conference but rejected from the publication of the conference proceedings:: What Is the Emergent Church? First off, the name: Emergent. The tags, “emerging church” and “emerging leaders” were being […]

what is emergent church?

I’ve been occasional conversational partner with the emergent church/ emergent village thing. I have no official roles or titles, never been to one of those secret meetings, but I have a handful of friends who are more on the “in” and even other non-Anglos got published in their latest book, […]

becoming a multiracial church, part 6

Here’s a few thoughts on multicultural churches from a PCUSA perspective, by the denomination’s moderator, Rick Ufford-Chase. … I’ve spent time in several churches that are making a serious attempt to build a multicultural community. They are diverse in their approaches. One thing that is becoming clear to me is […]