List of beautiful Starbucks destinations in the USA

Starbucks stores around the world are serving up espresso drinks and coffee in over 25,000 convenient locations. Some of these locations are destinations that have made adaptive reuse of existing architectural buildings or have created special spaces with cool aesthetics and beautiful design. Several lists have highlighted many of the coolest […]

custom WordPress layout using theme framework 2

Now there are some very powerful WordPress theme frameworks that enable you to build custom layouts in various WYSIWYG visual editor fashion! This makes WordPress themes more dynamic, because now you can click and drag to create columns and/or boxes where you want them, colors, fonts, or whatever. This new genre […]

River of Data is like an Activity Stream like River of News 4

As we’re all trying to figure out how to manage the information flow that comes through various websites, social networks, blogs, video sites, online communities, what have you, there’s a layout that’s becoming more and more common, but I’m not sure what that format is being called. The format is […]