Jul 242009

Thrilled to be in Dallas this week for the Ideation Experience hosted by Leadership Network. I didn’t spend much time at the laptop keyboard and made most of my time with f2f conversations. For great notes on the process of ideation and innovation, see http://jennicatron.tv

And, while it is possible to type on this smartphone, blogging thoughtfully does go so much better, and faster, on a full size keyboard.

To glance back at my week, look at my instablog http://daily.djchuang.com and my 24/7 twitter feed http://twitter.com/djchuang247


Jan 292009

I’m back home now, had been away since Saturday. That’s 5 nights in a hotel bed. While soft and cushy, couldn’t get the temperature right. More on the warmer hot side of things by middle of the night.

Just sent out a dozen personal video emails to thank the dozen deputized bloggers who provided way more #i3 coverage than I imagined! Know it’s way faster than a thank you card via snail mail. And with us new media types, maybe video email can be just as meaningful and personal. At least I hope it’s received as such.

A quick video update before I turn in. Need to catch up on my sleep deficit, and taking a long weekend off.

I’ll likely blog from a full-size keyboard some time this weekend, so you can read some of my germinating ideas. So glad and grateful I had the freedom to do lots of research & development during the tech breakout, as we had to improvise what to do with 2 out of 3 session speakers unable to be there.

Here’s one of the recorded segments of the tech breakout, a portion of interview with Terry Storch and Bobby Greunewald by Cynthia Ware — how’d it turn out?

Jan 292009

had a blast here in Dallas and so much has happened and it’d take hours to write out what i’d want to write out…

got to worship on sunday at cross timbers… celebrate a friend’s birthday + chinese new year simultaneously… breakfast w dave lee (harvest community church) later this morning…

connected with 100+ people at innovation3, a 1-time-only 1-of-a-kind event; saw bloggers and twitterers generate so much buzz that it showed up on top trends in twitter search page.. amazing how much content & conversation #i3 packed into 26 hours.. Bent Tree Bible Fellowship one amazing host w excellent people who provided vital help; so generous, so collegial..

spontaneously used 3 web tools for tech breakout session, where 2 of 3 presenters couldn’t make it, and @cynthiaware and @kentshaffer masterfully pitched in; we used skype video call, ustream, and tokbox, over wifi, with at least a dozen laptops online in room too, and no bandwidth problem, 60+ joined us online with only a real-time twitter announcement… this session coulda easily been its own conference…

will write more on a real keyboard later… one regret: didnt get to eat at Little Sichuan, oh how i like it hot & spicy..

Jan 202009

In addition to the 100+ presenters, here’s (some of) the bloggers and/or twitterers (aka tweeps, tweeple, …) I know will be at the Innovation3 Gathering next week [or take a look at the big mashup Google Map with (almost all) registered attendees]: gmaps2
Cynthia Ware thedigitalsanctuary.org
Carlos Whittaker ragamuffinsoul.com
Tony Morgan tonymorganlive.com
Greg Atkinson gregatkinson.com
Rhett Smith rhettsmith.com
Camron Ware visualworshipper.com
Jaime Jackson jamiejacksonxp.com
Charles Lee charlestlee.com
John Atkinson http://johnatkinson.typepad.com *
Jason Curlee http://jaycurlee.blogspot.com/ *
Kent Shaffer churchrelevance.com
Scott Williams www.bigisthenewsmall.com/ *
Mary Beth Stockdale http://marybethstockdale.wordpress.com/ *
Bobby Greunewald swerve.lifechurch.tv
Dave Gibbons davegibbons.tv
Dave Ferguson daveferguson.typepad.com/
Mark Driscoll theresurgence.com
Ed Stetzer edstetzer.com
Todd Rhoades toddrhoades.com
Dave Travis davetravisnow.com
Sherry Surratt sherrysurratt.com
Geoff Surratt geoffsurratt.com
Eric Swanson ericjswanson.com
Marc Payan http://marcpayan.com/ *
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Dec 092008

There’s something to counting down the days to some big event: Christmas and the advent season — we’ve got this wreath on our front door; end of the year lists for 2008; top predictions for 2009; whatever. (some even count down hours and minutes, especially if you’re an internet campus of a church).

According to the calendar, we are now 49 days away from the Innovation3 Gathering on January 27-28, 2009 in Dallas!

Every day leading up to the Innovation3 Gathering, Leadership Network will count down 50 reasons for why you must attend, one reason for every day!

Reason #50: No stump speeches. Reason #49: not your father’s conference. Check the Innovation3 blog every day for count down of more reasons, or you can follow @innovation3 on twitter.

And, look at the website innovation3gathering.com for more details and you can easily register online. And, follow along with the count down.


[disclosure: I work at Leadership Network and that means I'll be at Innovation3 -- that can count as Reason #51, right? Todd Rhoades is Reason #52.]