brief debrief from innovation3 Dallas 2

had a blast here in Dallas and so much has happened and it’d take hours to write out what i’d want to write out… got to worship on sunday at cross timbers… celebrate a friend’s birthday + chinese new year simultaneously… breakfast w dave lee (harvest community church) later this […]

who’s gonna be there at Innovation3 Gathering 16

In addition to the 100+ presenters, here’s (some of) the bloggers and/or twitterers (aka tweeps, tweeple, …) I know will be at the Innovation3 Gathering next week [or take a look at the big mashup Google Map with (almost all) registered attendees]: Cynthia Ware thedigitalsanctuary.org Carlos Whittaker ragamuffinsoul.com Tony Morgan […]

counting down 50 reasons to attend Innovation3 Gathering

There’s something to counting down the days to some big event: Christmas and the advent season — we’ve got this wreath on our front door; end of the year lists for 2008; top predictions for 2009; whatever. (some even count down hours and minutes, especially if you’re an internet campus […]