Sep 232012

There are so many other ways to name a church than to use a generic Anytown Church, Christian Fellowship, or First Congregational Church. And I don’t mean the cool and/or hipster way. There are some unique church names that might raise an eyebrow or garner the attention of a second glance. For example, who says there’s no perfect church because there’s no perfect people? There is! Here’s some of the top ones I’ve found, listed in no particular order:

cf. some other lists – Humorous Church Names (, comments @ Fellowship Church Names12 Bizarre Church NamesA Church by Any Other Name: 129 cool new church names @ Out of UrChurches get creative with their names (Winnipeg Free Press 5/1/2010)

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Jun 102010

How the multi-generational multi-lingual ethnic Asian Amerian church should and could minister in a healthy way is a recurring conversation, and occasionally new people enter this context afresh, perhaps from a job relocation, a next step after commencement, a natural progression of time and aging, or (less frequently) a personal conversion or crisis of faith. These questions came into my inbox recently, so let’s revisit that context again:

  • Do you think there is still a vital place for a multi-generational/cultural Chinese American church? Or do you see more inclusive Asian American churches and multi-ethnic churches as the next logical phase? Do you see Chinese American churches as “just” an intermediate step between an American church and a multi-ethnic model or perhaps an end in itself?
  • How would you describe the “ideal”, inter-generational immigrant Chinese church today? What does it look like to you? Multiple services in different languages? (e.g. Mandarin, Cantonese and English) Or same services with simultaneous translation in headsets? Side-by-side translation?
  • What are some creative ideas to unite the different Chinese generations and cultures besides joint services?
  • What in your knowledge are great examples and models of inclusive, multi-generation Chinese American churches?

Links mentioned in my video response:

In summary, it’ll take all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people, so there is a place for the ethnic Chinese church. The way a church does its worship services and programs will change over time, and an openness to allow creativity to flourish as a natural outflow of spirituality will discover the “right” answers for each church context. That means putting resources behind research & development, i.e. prayer, people, and money. What would you add?