sharing content before the book publishes 8

While the publishing process still has its mystique, and each publishing house has its own style and approach, the writing process is usually a closed and mysterious too, with its content closely guarded until it’s published (and sold), since people are paying for the content. Things are changing. A book […]

Saturday surprises: being a human being 2

Lots of buzz words dominate the conversations I’m hearing: excellence. productivity. purpose. effective. passionate. mission. vision. results. Frankly, it’s overwhelming to me. The past 2 weeks have been humbling to me, and I’ve had to slow down. And, Craig Groeschel spoke to this powerfully last Sunday. Towards the end of […]

blogging from on high

I’m hailing from Vail, Colorado, this Memorial Day weekend, participating in a conversation about faith and culture. It’s called The Vine, a national gathering going on for 6 years now. Something I’d wanted to be a part of for years; this is the first time I’d been able to get […]

snow, worship, dialogue

Here in metro DC, with over 12″ of the snow on the ground, and maybe 20″ or more before day’s end, it’s a great day to be web surfing and blogging. Of course it’d be even better skiing, but the roads are treacherous, even the interstate.. but we did get […]