Dec 102013

A new entity called Crowd Companies launched today and what an exciting new future that it’s creating! Kudos to Jeremiah Owyang for taking this bold leap of faith with courage and conviction to reboot the business model of companies and corporations. The one slide from his Le Web 13 presentation that vividly portrays this transformation is this – purposeful brands provide shared value.
Do you see what I see? Companies of the future have to be more than about profit and value exchange, it’s got to be more about societal development! And for my interest in non-profits and churches, I’d love to have conversations incubate and acceleration on what it’d mean for there to be no difference between employees and customers/constituents!

See Crowd Companies‘ website at for more. Presentation slide deck below.

Apr 262010

While at Exponential Conference in Orlando, Charles Lee set me up and interviewed me about turning ideas into reality. This video has a few of my top-of-mind thoughts:

The executive summary: share your idea with others who can help. Go ahead and take the next step with your idea. Let’s not worry about how to protect an idea — share it freely for the good of the world.

Apr 082010

At the Ideation Conference this week, one of my aha moments was realizing a new breed of non-profit organizations that primarily serve the role of fundraising and raising awareness. I was touched by the collaborative spirit of the humanitarians at #theideation, and how each org finds the role they play best, and partner with others for the rest, to tackle the biggest problems in the world together. Here’s 3 of them that presented both the compelling need and provided easy entry points for how anyone can help::

One Day’s Wages uses the best of social media to cultivate a grassroots movement towards ending extreme global poverty, currently raising funds to support the excellent work of 6 partner organizations. Founded by voracious blogger Eugene Cho (a church pastor), One Day’s Wages was notable for launching with a million members on its Facebook fan page. I thought I heard Eugene say that One Day’s Wages‘ big hairy audacious goal was to raise $1 million, but that might have been a figment of my imagination. Here’s a visual graphically-drawn capture of his talk: Continue reading »