Jan 132009

ChurchCrunch.com (John “human3rror” Saddington) is holding a “I’m a Blogger and I Need a Business Card!” content. Deadline for submission to the random drawing is January 18th, this Sunday. I’m not sure if I’m already disqualified since I already have a business card. Hope not.

my business card

Why bloggers need a business card? For 5 reasons: [1] lots of people don’t blog yet; [2] to make sure they spell my name right, [3] it’s something tangible that they can take away, [4] I can give them more contact info quickly — so they can choose their communication preference, [5] they can jot a note on the back of the card.
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Apr 242008

I’ve been a Starbucks card member for years. Years I tell you. I’ve worn out at least 3 cards from heavy usage over time. I’ve had to ask the cashier to transfer my credit to a new card, because the old one was losing its magnetism. Automatic recharge on the card was nice, as was the quicker swipe on checkout was too, but mostly marginal.

The most recent change that Starbucks has added as bonuses to the Starbucks card are a good start: syrup and milk options for free, brewed coffee refills for free, free drink with whole bean purchase. (I don’t know why the graphic avoided the word free.)

now Starbucks card has new benefits

Now, here’s some of my wild-brained ideas that I’ve submitted to myStarbucksIdea.com — register there as a user for free, and vote for these! and/or add comments there for these ideas!

Ya think any of these have a leg to stand on? FFT (fan-freakin-tabulous)? awesomatimistic? kewl beans? off the hook? perfectomundo?

Dec 222006

Christmas Card 2006

I’ve just finished sending out our Christmas cards (handmade e-cards) to friends and family. I scrolled through our haphazard address book in Gmail Contacts and bcc’d probably 200 or 300 people. Dozens of hard bounces, so have a lot of updating to do in the new year. The thing about Christmas e-cards is you can hang them with the other Christmas cards on the Christmas tree or along the mantle. But, you’re welcome to print it out. :)

As much as I’m into networking and relating across the country and a little around the world, I don’t have a good way to organize my contacts and emails. Time in California has been great so far, met up with lots of great people, including Aaron “thevoiz” Flores and Keith (of Keith and Dave and RenCom) Page. Meeting up with Ray Chang for lunch today. My son Jeremiah wants to come along to meet the pastor who dedicated him. Might even drop in on Rudy if he’s around.

Read the Chuang’s annotated 2006.