had a crazy dream this

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Jun 232001

had a crazy dream this week.. was at a conference with some key leaders, but it was a small room, crowded, and hot & muggy.. most everyone had dressed down into t-shirts and shirts, and bearing with the discomforts of the atmosphere, all in the name of sacrifice and “Christian” frugality.. it was obvious that no one was enjoying themselves, but they had to be there, and they made the [read more...]


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Jun 222001

Gaspricewatch.com find the lowest gas prices in your neighborhood, sorted by zip code, compiled by over 30,000 volunteer price spotters (you can be one, even tho’ I’m not)


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Jun 222001

bankrate.com big index of mortgage rates, CD rates, auto loans, credit cards, mortgage news and more; great for comparison shopping on financial commodities, to save and to make it

Asian Catholics

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Jun 202001

Are you involved with any ecumenical work with Asian Catholics? Are you familiar with the ancient history of the Orthodox Christian Church in Asia? ePastor >> I personally am not involved in ecumenical work with Asian Catholics, but I have heard of their existence (particularly among Vietnamese Asians). I’m not familiar with ancient history of the Orthodox church in any realm, tho’ my impression is that they are most prominent [read more...]


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Jun 182001

Orbitz a new lowest-rate finder for flights, hotel, rental cars, cruises, package deals; will edit this note after I try them out and see if they can beat the regular travel sites


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Jun 182001

ginkworld.net resources for this generation, sorta like theooze.com, with lots of spirituality stuff for leaders doing the hard work

Jun 162001

went to a writer’s conference last weekend.. was my first introduction into the publishing world; many of the attendees (around 150 or so) were aspiring to the day when they’d be professional writers, to get paid enough for their writing they wouldn’t have to work another job.. so a lot of the conference was inspirational, and many workshops for technical details on writing and publishing, with free time for interaction [read more...]

The Bible in MP3 Audio

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Jun 112001

The Bible in MP3 Audio Format download the whole Bible in MP3 for free, in the World English Bible or American Standard Version