Oct 302009

Let’s take a look at my inbox and see what we find…

Question: I am student, studying ministry. Am at the end of the third year and I would like to start my ministry after I graduate. How would you be of help to me — to find material about church planting ?

My Answer: There has been a growing number of resources about church planting in recent years. A quick Google search has many links that’ll get you started. 3 of my favorites are www.churchplantingnetwork.com + www.church-planting.net + www.rcpc.com .

As you can see, there’s lots of information online. The best place you’ll want to be is the Exponenential Conference, April 19-22, 2010, in Orlando. This is the biggest gathering of church planters and church multiplication organizations that can give you the support, coaching, and launching pad for church planting — more resources than you can count!
2010 National New Church Conference
Todd Rhoades has been counting up the many reasons to be at Exponential — here’s a sample :
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Oct 242009

// [ update: my presentation and related links are over at the L2 Foundation blog - click here ] //

ConferenceOn November 30th and December 1st, I’ll be at the NA-CCOWE (North American Chinese Congress on World Evangelization) conference English Track: “The Challenges and Future of English Ministries. This is the first time that the conference will host a parallel track, along side of the Mandarin Chinese language track. (Note that the event itself runs from 11/3 to 12/4.)

I’ll be making a presentation in a workshop about next generation Asian American churches. Knowing the audience is primarily English ministry leaders within an ethnic Chinese church, I hope to explore what can be practically applied from what is working among next generation multi-Asian/multi-ethnic churches, adapted from my presentation shared on several other occasions.
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Sep 222009

2 highly influential church leaders are offering one day with them at a global leadership conference called Unleashing Beauty on October 10th, 2009. The 2 leaders are Erwin McManus and Dave Gibbons. Both have been keynote speakers at large conferences for church leaders like Willow Leadership Summit and Catalyst. Now they’re taking a day to share their insights for free and give themselves away!
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Sep 192009

Here at Chicago O’Hare Airport with a couple hours before my flight back home to SNA. Was at Connext, a South Asian Christian leaders conference. Great connections. Energetic passion. Listen to my thoughts here. Lots for us to learn together as 2nd generation bicultural people; you might even call it 3rd culture.

On this trip, I did not take my laptop. Just a shoulder bag for the 2-nights stay. My only connection to the outside world was an iPhone 3g. That’s what I’m typing on now. A couple of learnings, even if i still travel laptopless:

- get an extra external backup battery; the iPhone drains pretty fast at a 12-hr day conference; we go from 9am-9pm each day
- bring a video camera, be it a ipod nano or flipcam
- use a roller bag instead of shoulder bag; no point going without laptop shoulder bag if i’m still shouldering the load

More in the audio: listen here. Easier to talk than type on iphone.

Aug 112009

There are few places where followers of Christ can gather and thoughtfully reflect the impact of new media (internet, web, social media, and all that jazz). There used to be the Internet Ministry Conference, and used to be GodBlogCon.

Now there is Christian Web Conference! It’s happening just a month away, September 11-12, at Biola University. (That’s the Los Angeles area, for those of you considering travelling in from afar.) Here’s how the conference is describe itself:

Christian Web Conference is dedicated to fostering fellowship and establishing real life communities among Christians employing web 2.0 technologies to christianly influence the world. The power and appeal of web media technologies is vast. These technologies provide Christians with a new set of Great Commission opportunities.

And how they’re looking to do that:
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May 272009

// [update 6/3/09 4:30pm] Notes + video posted at the L2 Foundation blog //

Fellowship of American Chinese Evangelicals (FACE) has invited me as a special guest for an ABC/English Pastors’ Fellowship Meeting, next Wednesday, June 3rd, starting at 10:00am.
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May 262009

How many Catalyst’s are there anyways? I think event planners like the word “catalyst” because it connotes startup energy and something to trigger new things, but with so many of them out there, doesn’t that dilute its implicit energetic-ness? And what about the catalytic converter in my car?

First, there’s Catalyst, an InterVarsity conference in Missouri.

Then there’s the Catalyst Leadership Center[i]. It was launched in 1991 as Katalyst, and has provided resources and vision for established and emerging Korean/ Asian American ministry leaders over the years. Its most recent project was the Asian North American Theology and Ministry Consultation, which gathered about 100 next gen Asian North American leaders to discuss issues that’ll be used as content for something like a follow-up book to Growing Healthy Asian American Churches.

catalyst-mag-logoCatalyst magazine was founded in 1982 to keep its finger on the pulse of the rise of the “cultural creatives” — those who take a whole-systems approach to the world’s ecological, social and spiritual crises.

ldr-cat-headerLeadership Catalyst is now being branded as TrueFaced. Leadership Catalyst was founded in 1995 as a resource for helping readers, leaders and groups discover the many freedoms of their identity, by learning to live truefaced.

logocatalystCatalyst is a non-profit founded in 1962 to expand opportunities for women and business.

And, of course, there’s the biggie Catalyst conference in Atlanta that now has 12,000+ attending this largest gathering of next gen leaders in the country.

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May 172009

This week I’ll be in Chicago and have an opportunity to connect with old and new friends in the Kingdom. At something called the Asian North American Theology and Ministry Consultation, there’ll be maybe 100 or so Asian American leaders involved in various roles of leadership having structured conversations about critical issues. It’s co-sponsored by the Catalyst Leadership Center and the Carl F. H. Henry Center, with Peter Cha playing a vital role as point person on the whole initiative. The gathering’s aim is described as:

… to create an intentional space in which Asian North American theologians and pastors will gather and reflect upon the shared task of the ministry of the Gospel in today’s Asian North American context. As the result of this consultation, it is our hope that ANA theologians and ministry practitioners will be encouraged to collaborate with one another for the ministry of the Gospel.

It’ll be really great to hang out with David Park (nextgenerasianchurch.com), Soong-Chan Rah (profrah.com), and many others. I’d given them all more link love, but I think many do not yet have web presences. Yet.

Later in the week, I’ll be part of a meeting with a small group of next generation Asian American senior pastors, pioneering the way for a new generation of innovative churches that’ll shape the next evangelicalism.

Both of these events are sequestered. So that means there’ll be no live-streaming video nor live-blogging, and probably twittering would be minimal. [update] 4 others are twittering, using hashtag #ana@dpark75, @semaforic, @reginapchan, @profrah
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