May 122010

People being the social beings that we are, live video or holograms will not replace the value of being together in person. While the economy and travel security have changed the industry of conferences and events, organizers are still actively producing events. According to one source, “Meetings and events are responsible for 15 percent of all travel-related spending, create nearly $40 billion in tax revenue at the federal, state and local level and generate more than one million jobs.” [pcma]

The question that I get asked frequently is, “Which conference should I go to?” Some call me a “conference junkie” but that doesn’t mean every conference is the right fit for every person.

With hundreds and thousands of events to choose from, it’d be good to know what’s available before deciding on one. In the worlds of business, academia, government, non-profit, and other sectors and vocations, there’s these large online listings for conferences:

And in the world of church leaders, there’s these online listings:

// [update] you can also find webinars and teleseminars on listing/ directory sites like,,,, Virtual Events Calendar via allvirtual , WebinarBase via Eugenia //

Aside: there’s a whole network of conference and event planners, e.g. Meeting Professionals International, The National Coalition of Black Meeting Planners ,,,

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