Jun 302010

Today, June 30th, marks Social Media Day, as called by Mashable.com, a leading social media news blog. The revolution of social media is that everyone has a voice that could be heard by everyone else (and actually, anyone could have called a meetup and/or a special day, though some voices are still more influential than others, and someone has to be organizer.)

The big meetup in OC [4th largest in the world] is hosted at our local newspaper, OC Register (625 N Grand, Santa Ana) from 3-6pm today — see schedule of speakers. Free food truck is an extra bonus. // [update] OC Register article about Social Media Day; commentary by @tanyaahedo + @MeredithSimonds + @DanielaBolzmann; @techxsw podcast interview w @ksablan = How @OCRegister created 4th largest #SMday event //
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Jun 292010

Kenny Jahng launched Godvertiser.com a couple years ago, with a heart to serve the typical small to medium-sized church to be more effective online. He’s become a virtual friend over the past year as we’ve connected over Twitter and Tokbox; (one of these days we’ll meet offline and in person.) Here’s the video interview with Kenny talking about what @Godvertiser is doing:

One of the first basic things is to have a church website that people can easily find on a search engine like Google. You can get a FREE church website audit and check out Tweepback.com for a custom mosaic of your Twitter followers or followings.

[update: unfortunately, wetoku.com went dark and offline in Q1 2011, so this video interview is gone too]

Jun 252010

Next Tuesday, June 29th, I’ll be a part of 2 free webinars! Join me for the one that fits your schedule better.

m2liveAt 8:30am Pacific / 11:30am Eastern, it’s the M2LIVE webinar on How to Champion Web Ministry in Your Church. This is a discussion-driven webinar, hosted by the M2Live duo of Sean McAtee and Matt Carlisle. Just go to www.m2live.org/live and you’ll watch the live video and text into the chat room — powered by MediaSocial. (No prior registration required.) [update: watch recorded webinar]

At 2:00pm Pacific/ 5:00pm Eastern, Worship Leader magazine’s Tech Steward Tuesday webinar series continues, with “Is it safe to be on Facebook?” This 30-minute webinar will kick off with an update on Facebook privacy matters affecting 400+ million active users and then I’ll respond to your questions and comments. Free registration required.

Jun 212010

While the Multi-Site feature of WordPress 3.0 can run a network of multiple blogs, how to get there from existing WordPress blogs running on separate installations into one installation has been quite a learning process.

This blog post a place to share how I’m doing it, and please do add a comment as you learn how to do the export + import to merge your blogs together into one. These are the main steps, and may not include every single detail that may be required in your specific instance, since every web host setup may be different & unique.
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Jun 202010

Leaving one church for another can be a good thing–it’s not always a bad thing. Yes, sometimes a person or a pastor leaves one church because of unresolved conflict, dissatisfaction, a “better” program or preacher elsewhere, and/or scandal. There’s been numerous articles about the bad reasons that people leave a church, and bad churches that people should leave. In a time where church-goers freely switch from church to church because of “not being fed,” “cliques,” “poor preaching,” or other reasons, at least they’re still going. And it may well be a good thing for someone to leave one church for another.

1st, how to leave a church on good terms. Brian Russell raised this question last month, “Is there a proper protocol to follow if switching churches?” Here’s several articles that point towards a church-leaving etiquette:

Something a church can do to learn from those who are leaving is to conduct an
exit interview. This is a great opportunity to listen to honest feedback, not be defensive, allow closure for church and the person(s) leaving, and a word of mutual blessing.

2ndly, God calls some into a new season. And there are times in one’s faith journey when one finishes one chapter at one church, and will go to another church for a new season. This is the case for a number of prominent pastors recently announcing their transitions: Jim Belcher, Francis Chan, N.T. Wright, and Others Leave the Pastorate to Write and Speak: Why church planters often quit their congregations. In this video of an Exclusive interview with Jim Belcher and Mike Erre, 2 pastors in the Orange County (California) area talk about how they’re leaving their churches for a new season of life and ministry:

There are times to stay, and there are times to go. Maybe the same amount of due diligence can be given to why one stays at a church as much as why one leaves a church. For the record, I do think the times of changing churches ought to be infrequent.

Jun 102010

How the multi-generational multi-lingual ethnic Asian Amerian church should and could minister in a healthy way is a recurring conversation, and occasionally new people enter this context afresh, perhaps from a job relocation, a next step after commencement, a natural progression of time and aging, or (less frequently) a personal conversion or crisis of faith. These questions came into my inbox recently, so let’s revisit that context again:

  • Do you think there is still a vital place for a multi-generational/cultural Chinese American church? Or do you see more inclusive Asian American churches and multi-ethnic churches as the next logical phase? Do you see Chinese American churches as “just” an intermediate step between an American church and a multi-ethnic model or perhaps an end in itself?
  • How would you describe the “ideal”, inter-generational immigrant Chinese church today? What does it look like to you? Multiple services in different languages? (e.g. Mandarin, Cantonese and English) Or same services with simultaneous translation in headsets? Side-by-side translation?
  • What are some creative ideas to unite the different Chinese generations and cultures besides joint services?
  • What in your knowledge are great examples and models of inclusive, multi-generation Chinese American churches?

Links mentioned in my video response:

In summary, it’ll take all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people, so there is a place for the ethnic Chinese church. The way a church does its worship services and programs will change over time, and an openness to allow creativity to flourish as a natural outflow of spirituality will discover the “right” answers for each church context. That means putting resources behind research & development, i.e. prayer, people, and money. What would you add?

Jun 062010

Debuting this Friday, June 11th, 2010, is the World of Color water show at Disney California Adventure, next to Disneyland. Some have already experienced a sneak preview exclusively held for special guests, friends, media, and family of Disney insiders aka cast members, and celebrities on 6/10. LA Times’ Travel Blog [via] anticipate this “water spectacular” to be a crowd control nightmare. Plus, there’s a video contest to win a free vacation to see World of Color along with sweet prizes. Contest entries are due by July 12, 2010. We get to vote for the grand prize winner among 10 finalists between July 26 to August 6th. (At the time of this writing, 36 videos have been created.) MiceChat is holding a contest for the first 3 reviews of World of Color and best photo. Here’s the official Disney 80-second promo video about World of Color:

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Jun 022010

Caught up with a friend I’ve known for 15 years and she’s recently getting (really) into social media. Imei Hsu is starting up a couple of new things up there in Seattle, and she shares about them with you and me on this wetoku-powered interview video:

Imei Hsu is a performing arts of the dancer variety via hipsforhire.com | @hipsforhire | hipsforhire.blogspot.com, bellydancing to be more specific, and also a registered nurse, and also a psychotherapist counselor via seattledirectcounseling.com. You can also find her in the social media world at ustream.tv/channel/video-nurse | @VideoNurse | youtube.com/yourlilchinagirl. Yes, she gave a shout out to @chrispirillo.
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