Feb 262010

It’s the weekend and that means fun, especially for those of you who have an Xbox for indoor use and don’t have the balmy Southern California weather to go outdoors. (confession: I don’t have an Xbox, though I do have a Wii and a Mii, and I’m out of town this weekend to Nashville for NRB REACH — follow @djchuang247 for my live tweets.)

For those of you with an Xbox, you can win a free copy of the Bible Navigator X right here! Bible NavigatorHow to win: add a comment and describe one creative way you would use the Bible Navigator X. Winner will be selected by random drawing from the commenters. Comment must be submitted before Sunday February 28th 11:59pm Central, when the weekend ends. One entry per person. Multiple comments okay, but only one contest entry counts per commenter.

Bible Navigator X: HCSB is the first app on the XBOX 360 that allows the user to read the entire Bible from their 360. All the essential Bible functions are there: easy navigation, bookmarks, search, concordance, and themess. HCSB = Holman Christian Standard Bible translation of the Bible; press release; watch video intro:

Prize is courtesy of Aaron Linne (a self-described video game aficionado with an entire room of his home dedicated to gaming.[1])

Feb 252010

Words mean things. And different people use the same words to mean different things. This makes for either mass confusion or fierce conversations. The context of our own self-talk (internal conversations) colors everything we hear and read. These are some recent phrases that may be creating cognitive dissonance:
wordle.net of words and meanings
“epic” – I’m guessing this one is becoming a pop culture slang. It used to be, I think, about those movies with a grand bigger-than-life story, just a tad bigger than classic. Now it’s an above-average awesomeness; a recent referential pointer like “did you hear?”, a filler adjective.

“mentoring” – I’ve posted a handful of blog entries about this one already.

“authentic” – the word itself is all about the real deal. The word “real” gets jumbled in the same mix. The word _implies_ being transparent and vulnerable and unpolished. But, for some people, authentic means being non-transparent, not sharing their feelings out loud, not sharing their weaknesses, fears, and concerns, because that’s their being real.

“racist” – undoubtedly a loaded word. There’s the obviously intentional kind. And there’s the unintentional or blind-spot or passive or ignorant or systemic kind. Some people don’t think passive racism counts as racism. Some think any racial inequality and inequity makes for racism. Some are honest enough to say we’re all racists. We don’t live in a world with a level playing field. Race is a part of that dynamic. Race isn’t everything, and neither is it nothing. It’s also been used as a sign-off.

There are many, many more. The above are a few that came to mind during the composing of this post. Add a comment and we’ll add to the list.

Feb 152010

As we enter conference season, live off-line in-person gatherings are still very valuable, not as much for the content, and more so for the connections, conversations, and coaching. 2 conferences in particular are making room for more conversations between presenters and attendees.

This April 5-6, the Ideation Conference launches in Long Beach, California. Charles Lee is pulling together an amazing roster of people, who’ll serve up great content and valuable coaching for non-profit organizations. Rather than pay upwards of $10,000 a day for coaching, you can bring your non-profit staff for 2 days at $249 per person! (NGO/NPO rate) Watch my interview with Charles about the Ideation Conference experience. Your team will get valuable feedback and coaching plus team-building for your non-profit efforts for social good! I think the afternoon white board sessions will help non-profits tackle their biggest challenges and find solutions through coaching and collaboration. // [update 2/18 I’ll be one of the white board session facilitators! cf. my experience //

And, for people who are in the world of church planting, the Association of Related Churches (ARC) is hosting their annual All Access conference in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on April 27-29. Yes there’s the standard fare of plenary sessions with the likes of Hillsong United, Dino Rizzo, Craig Groeschel, John Maxwell, Chris Hodges, Stovall Weems, Tommy Barnett. What’ll be even better is the variety of App Sessions provide in-depth discussion of leadership, church life, and social justice — with the likes of Matthew Barnett, Greg Surratt, Bobby Gruenewald, Billy Hornsby. Since ARC is all about relationships–creating them and nurturing them–their All Access conference is going to be all about relationships too.

Remember, conferences can be life changing — choose the one that’ll get you access to the people who’ll help you along the journey of life.

Feb 132010

With so many conferences in the world, I’m often asked which one to go to.

After attending a few conferences, some people begin to discover the value of these gatherings extend beyond the keynote talks and seminar lectures. What’s even more life-changing are the people you meet and the conversations you have.

At the Verge conference in Austin last week, I met Ryan Rice, who is now church planting in Phoenix. Ryan explained how life-changing the one-time-only Innovation3 Gathering was. Watch this video of Ryan Rice telling how that conference changed his life:

Next week, I’ll point you to 2 conferences especially configured so there’s intentional structured time for attendees to engage in more conversations and not only listening to talks.

Feb 082010

A new web app called Zoecity.com launched last week that automatically lists the top articles viewed and shared by Christians (technically, re-launched.) Zoecity’s self-description is: “We track hundreds of Christian websites for the latest content.” Are you as curious as me what those 100s of Christian websites are?

I got to interview Colin Wong, the CEO of Zoecity today. Watch the video interview below [powered by wetoku; pardon the echo]:

My “aha” moment during the interview was this: as Zoecity.com bubbles-up the most popular content, it may or may not be the most important, but I think it does indicate what is most influential, or at the very least, what’s been read and/or shared by the most people. By the way, in the interview, Colin mentioned 2 articles, “Ouija board a controversial toy for tots” and “Tebow Super Bowl Ad Leads Viewers to ‘God Story’“.

You’ll notice in the right sidebar here at djchuang.com towards the bottom is a Zoecity widget, which shows the top 10 daily articles. And looking over at the Zoecity front page, there is a comment link under each item. Almost all of them have “0 Comments” right now. (Maybe that’ll change?)

How do you think knowing what’s the most popular today, this week, and this month, would be helpful to you?

Feb 022010

2,000+ church leaders will converge in Austin this week at the sold-out VERGE missional church conference. Neil Cole describes Verge as “first of its kind in the missional church field.”

I’ll be there with the Verge Social Media Team, providing live coverage via various social media channels, and the team members’ websites + blogs + networks will host on-going conversations in a distributed fashion after the event.

The Verge team blog will link to all the latest — including announcement of the live video feed of main sessions. Live twitter tweets on twubs (below) + use official hashtag #verge10 + follow @djchuang247 for my live tweets.
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