Aug 282009

Here in Arlington, Virginia, (metro Washington DC area) at The Idea Camp, and rather than tons of live-tweeting [and many others here are doing phenomenal with catching sound bites and salient quotes], I’m a part of a team that’s doing a whrrl story, which I think of as a photo essay, a la citizen photojournalism. Here’s snapshots of the Ideal Camp DC on the ground:

More stories at mount olivet umc
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Aug 252009

Would you believe they made a movie based on a blogger? Yes indeedy!

Watched a movie on a date recently. I wanted to let the movie speak for itself. I did not go read up on all the reviews and view the trailer and read the Wikipedia entry and pre-release buzz. The neighbor was kind enough to let our son hang out. The movie? Julie & Julia.

And wouldn’t you know it… a movie about a blogger! A blogger who writes (types) for an anonymous audience. Over time, the audience grows. The bloggers’ confidence grows too. The blog entries get edited and supplemented into a book. And if that book gets lots of eyeballs too, then maybe it can become a movie. Here’s a link to Julie Powell’s original blog, Julie/Julia Project. And her current blog.

It took all of my restraint from elbowing my companion, since I’ve been a blogger since 1999 myself. Not that I’d want to have a movie made about me or anything.

Aside: The people that comprise the world’s market will reward (pay) for what they find valuable (be it entertainment or service or product). And for the rest of us who have value that doesn’t quite sync up with what the market price will bear, we still have value, lots of value. Just that it doesn’t translate into cash.

real Julie Powell   photos-of-movie-julie-powell

The real Julie Powell and the movie Julie Powell. Note that the real Julie Powell loves to use a lot more colorful language: “… I really ought to warn you about the language. I happen to believe that curse words are vital parts of the language, and I write accordingly. If you are not one of those people, you’re probably not going to be thrilled with J&J: The Book …” cf. Surreal is the new normal.

When will they make a movie based on Twitter?

Aug 202009

Here’s what I tell people when I advise someone about which web tool they should use. Summary:

  • Choose twitter if you like to text
  • Choose blogging if you like to write
  • Choose audio podcasting if you like to talk
  • Choose video if you like to talk with your hands

When it comes to having an active online presence, it’s basically about content generation. It’s your personal voice. We’re not talking about having a website – which is more of a brochure, or an interactive one. We’re talking about how to get your voice out there, your ideas, your experiences, your thoughts, your questions, your desire to help make a difference in the world.

As twitter and facebook have become more mainstream, and I hear them talked about everywhere, or overhear it, and it’s not me bringing it up. I’m learning to avoid talking about work-related subjects, which is hard to do, when that work closely aligns with the things I love to do and dream about and think about. I’m avoiding an overused word that begins with “P”. Yes, that’s another blog series in the hopper that I hope to get online soon. Might do some during vacation next week. I am not doing an offline unplugged vacation. Oh, so that was off track rambling.
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Aug 132009

// [update] the talkcast was recorded and you can listen to it at the L2 Foundation blog >> //

I’ll be hosting a talkcast with a very special guest, James Choung, next Tuesday 8/18, at 3:00pm Pacific / 6:00pm Eastern.

On the talkcast, we’ll be talking about how to develop leaders among the next generation of Asian Americans: the opportunities, the challenges, and their incredible potential. A talkcast is like a call-in talk show, and so much more — you can listen on the web, talk on the show, or type in the chat room!
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Aug 112009

There are few places where followers of Christ can gather and thoughtfully reflect the impact of new media (internet, web, social media, and all that jazz). There used to be the Internet Ministry Conference, and used to be GodBlogCon.

Now there is Christian Web Conference! It’s happening just a month away, September 11-12, at Biola University. (That’s the Los Angeles area, for those of you considering travelling in from afar.) Here’s how the conference is describe itself:

Christian Web Conference is dedicated to fostering fellowship and establishing real life communities among Christians employing web 2.0 technologies to christianly influence the world. The power and appeal of web media technologies is vast. These technologies provide Christians with a new set of Great Commission opportunities.

And how they’re looking to do that:
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Aug 092009

Recently I’ve been asked, time and again, “I’m having a hard time finding a church.” I find the question surprising. Look at this map below of Irvine, California, where every red dot represents a church. (granted, not every Google search of the word church is a church, but most of them are churches.. and not every church has the word church in its name.. so let’s call it even.)

With so many red dots, churches are obviously much easier to find than a wifi hotspot! And a while back, I put together a shorter list of churches in Irvine, California, to help with people’s elusive search. Why am I still hearing the question? Now, I am sympathetic to the question, knowing how it can be hard to find a place of acceptance and understanding. Yet I wonder what is the really going on behind the question.

These questions come from Christians, even mature ones at that. On the one hand, there are many well-meaning books and articles exhorting the church searcher to not be church hopping and church shopping, to resist the cultural forces of consumerism. And, it’s true that you can worship God and connect with God anywhere. And Jesus did say something about the question not being to worship at this mountain or that mountain [being translated: at this church or that church], but worship in spirit and truth.

And when those theological truths and aspirational beliefs hit the ground, even mature Christians seem to find it hard to arbitrarily choose any church and make it their church home. Even when one sifts through a big list of churches to the ones that match a person’s theological convictions, and rightly so, there are still dozens to choose from. Preferences span the range of: teaching style, worship music, philosophy of ministry, church size, sizeable number of people of the same age, particular kinds of ministry, etc. And it’s not just preferences for a church that’d feed their soul [or, where they're best challenged to grow] or where they can connect with people like themselves. It’s also particulars of a church where they can best serve and offer their gifts, talents, and treasures.

Is being picky with churches too selfish? Sure it could be self-serving. Or it can be a part of the discernment process. And decision-making is not easy. The perennial favorite topic of “finding God’s will” stays at the top of the charts. In this case, finding the right church.

My thought for now: I think while we can worship God anywhere, or try to, the marvel is that God will meet us where we are. Preferences and all.

Aug 052009

Mainstream news coverage focuses on headline of detained journalists’ return to the United States:

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Aug 032009

I’ve used several different ways to record video interviews on a shoe-string hacker’s budget. I don’t have names for these video styles, maybe some video producer can reply with what they are called. Now, which technique do you think is best?

  1. Pastor Kevin Doi (Epic Church) was recorded via a FlipCam fixed on a table-top tripod.

  2. Pastor Seth Kim (Harvest Mission Community Church) was recorded on a Skype call via Pamela, combined with photo slide show in Windows Movie Maker:

  3. Pastor David Kim (The Garden) was recorded via a Logitech QuickCam clipped on top a laptop screen with a Blue Snowflake USB microphone:
  4. Pastor Yun Choi (New Life Community Church) was recorded via a Skype video call, with audio recorded using Pamela, and video recorded using CamStudio, combined using Windows Media Maker:
  5. Pastor Brad Bell of The Well was recorded via this FlipCam being dynamically held by a 3rd person, in this case, my 12-year-old son: