Jul 292009

Online Experiment #231. After a couple of tries of using twitcam.com to livestream in conjunction with my secondary twitter account @djchuang247, there were a few aha’s that weren’t all that obvious to me, especially with a minimalistic web page design. The minimalism does make it very easy to use, granted.
3 things and then 1 aside:
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Jul 242009

Thrilled to be in Dallas this week for the Ideation Experience hosted by Leadership Network. I didn’t spend much time at the laptop keyboard and made most of my time with f2f conversations. For great notes on the process of ideation and innovation, see http://jennicatron.tv

And, while it is possible to type on this smartphone, blogging thoughtfully does go so much better, and faster, on a full size keyboard.

To glance back at my week, look at my instablog http://daily.djchuang.com and my 24/7 twitter feed http://twitter.com/djchuang247


Jul 162009

Are you seeing orange everywhere too? It’s fast becoming the hot color of the season or something. I got this link, like many of you, titled “Twitter will kill you” and being an avid twitterer myself, I’m open to hearing what the critics critique, or what the mockers mock. And look what shows up in the video:
You see that? David Crowder has an orange MacBook and an orange iPhone!
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Jul 082009

There’s a brand new book coming this Fall — A Multi-Site Church Road Trip: Exploring the New Normal, by Geoff Surratt, Greg Ligon, and Warren Bird. This title is a great follow-up to The Multi-Site Church Revolution: Being One Church in Many Locations with at least 95% fresh content by the same 3 authors — watch this video to hear it straight from these 3 amigos.

I’ve overheard that the book launch will coincide with the Multi-Site 2.0 conference in St. Louis this September! All of this is so very exciting, not just because I’m currently the Leadership Community Director for Multi-Site Churches at Leadership Network.
my map  What’s even more exciting for me is I’m preparing for my own version of a multi-site church road trip! I’ll be leaving this Friday 7/10 from Orange County and driving north to the San Francisco Bay area. My pre-scheduled visits are at these 2 multi-site churches: Sunday morning at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church and Sunday evening at The Well in Fresno. 2 other multi-site churches on my radar are: Great Exchange and Bay Area Chinese Bible Church. Know of any others along the way?
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Jul 062009

Steve Rubel (formerly of Micro Persuasion) is one of those “A-list” bloggers, and he explained “why I am forking my content“. He signed off his main blog with: So Long Blogging, Hello Lifestreaming!

I’ve started to put my content into several different buckets, too, coincidentally. And it happened to happen around the same time.

My upcoming multi-site road trip next weekend triggered my exploration on what to do with my online content. You might call this “content segmentation.” Here’s where my content is now being posted:

djchuang.com – my personal blog here will remain the place where I write out my more lengthy color commentaries on my eclectic thoughts and personal feelings

twitter.com/djchuang@djchuang is my main twitter feed with updates primarily covering the topics of faith and culture, and joining in on related conversations

twitter.com/djchuang247@djchuang247 is my new twitter feed with updates that will be reveal glimpses of my personal everyday life and more extensive commentaries and sound bites during conferences I attend

daily.djchuang.com – this is my tumblr-powered daily blog that’ll mix mostly a photo blog and an audio blog, with occasional deep-dive event live-blogging

facebook.com/djchuang – this connects me to a smaller circle of people. If I instinctively recognize the face or name, I’ll accept a friend request. If not, sorry.

friendfeed.com/djchuang – this will get you everything in my lifestream, including blogs, tweets, yelps, delicious, flickr, youtube, etc.

I also contribute to these blogs as a part of my professional career life:

I’ve heard not everyone wants to read everything I have to write or comment on everything, particularly some of the inane personal things I’m doing at the moment, to which I even say to myself, “so what?” I’ve even had one person _block_ me on Twitter just to make sure he doesn’t get my too-frequent updates — when all he had to do is unfollow me.

All of us have to be selective on what content we’ll subscribe to, filter through, follow, or manage. No offense taken if you choose only a portion of my lifestream.

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