Nov 302008

Since you’re reading this blog, you are probably a fluent English speaker. I’ve recently received this inquiry from a graduate student in China, and she’d like your help in filling out this questionnaire. Here is the email request [sic] for your consideration to participate:

I am a third year graduate in Xi’an International Studies University (西安外国语大学) majoring in Modern Linguistics. And now I am working on my MA thesis, which is about the pragmatic transfer in Chinese EFL learners’ refusal speech act. Thus I need to collect the English from both the native English speakers and Chinese learners of English and then to make a comparison between the two groups. The questionnaire is taken from Beebe et al.(1990), which was a “Discourse Completion Test” and now I need to find some Americans, or at least English speakers (English as one’s mother tongue) to fill in those blanks provided. In the attachment there is the questionnaire, would you please have a look at it? And if possible,would you please ask your friends to do it for me at their convinience? I sincerely hope you can help me.

What I did to fill out this questionnaire is to copy/paste the web document into an email, and filled out my response. Send the completed questionnaire to [email protected]

The questionnaire is anonymous, so your name will not be published in any famous annals of thesis archives. It took me 15 minutes to fill out; you could probably finish faster.

Nov 282008

I think I’ve been gifted (and cursed?) with capacity for the messiness and depth of relationships, even though it may not be apparent for those who are stuck on first impressions. Which is to say, I’m not very good at small talk. So when I read this insightful email from a pastor friend, I had to get permission to share them with you here.

“How do you have intimate relationships?”

Sincere Inquiry was my response!

Not just general inquiries about the person, their background, family and careers.

Sincere inquiries that push the limits and boundaries of acquaintances. Questions that evoke emotions from one another. Questions that release shouts of passion from the deepest parts of one’s soul. Questions that take you to new territories in your relationship preventing you to return to the old worn out fields of superficially.

A sincerity that desires to know the created being in front of you and the purpose the Creator designed them. A sincerity where you lose yourself in them and you decrease with each sentence they share about themselves.

Intimate relationships begin not with available time but intentional sincere questions. We make time as we desire to do nothing more then inquire about the unique created being were engaged with.

My prayer is that you will have deeper intimate relationships this weekend as you spend time with family and friends this Thanksgiving.

Sabastian Huynh
conVerge Family Church
(Garden Grove, CA)

Nov 272008

I have so many reasons to be thankful, we all do! And rather than bombarding my twitter feed with the many things that come to mind, i thought I’d put them here and update them throughout the day.

I’m thankful for: a dear wife of 13 years, a healthy son Jeremiah now in middle school, a home in Aliso Viejo, a dream job, no commute, my parents who came to the USA in 1974 so we 3 sons could have freedom and opportunity, the diligence of my 2 brothers with family matters, a mom who reads my blog, a delicious smoothie made via blendtec, this iPhone 3g even without cut/paste, each and every follower following my twitter, extra hours of sleep, in-laws who pray a lot, friends near and far, Jesus Christ for loving me and putting up with my foibles, God for opening my eyes to His beauty and grace, friends on FaceBook, more self-awareness into my 40s, Mark Batterson being quite the history buff and reviews the real reason we even have Thanksgiving, Continue reading »

Nov 242008

I gave a brief devotional this past Wednesday before a group of church leaders at the Multi-Site Churches Leadership Community. I read from Jeremiah 1:1-13, and the talk revolved around 2 questions:

My childhood dream was to be a stand-up comedian. But I didn’t quite have what it took and didn’t have the motivation to get what it takes. For years I looked for what I should be doing with my life, trying to find a role model for a career that fit me. That’s been elusive for me. I couldn’t find a job or career that really fit me.

Now in my 40s (having turned 42 in July), I’m feeling more comfortable in my own skin. I don’t fit. I’m unconventional; unpredictable. Not a good corporate guy. I look at the world differently than most people. I’m not the kind of guy that colors within the lines, nor thinking outside the box. I’d say, “What box?”

I’m not a focused goal-oriented guy. I have racing thoughts, random and wild ideas. I’m a hacker, great at short-term projects where I can find a creative solution. I’m a networker, great at connecting people to people and people to resources.
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Nov 202008

Talked with Dave Ingland yesterday (for the first time) as I was driving to DFW airport in stop-and-go rush-hour traffic. The phone call made for a good companion all the way to the rental car center, and we did some shop talk about church life, decision making, and dreaming of possibilities for our generation. I was resistant to giving advice for his adventuring into church planting in Sacramento, since I’m so uncomfortable with making decisions in my own life. I did share some of the things I knew. I hope I wasn’t too confusing, because the possibilities are endless and sky’s the limit.

I couldn’t tell how old Dave was, and wondering if you could. So, here’s our pictures. Who do you think is older?

Now, this is not a competition, it is only an exhibition — please, no wagering.