May 292008

A word of welcome to the click-thrus from the ChristianityToday news article, “Rebooting PEACE: Rick Warren adds reconciliation to an already ambitious mission strategy.“. According to the press conference after the Summit, 1,700+ were in attendance; not sure how the CT article counted 650.

See my PD Summit links (live-blogging, live-twittering, recorded live-streamed videos) by scrolling down to the blog post titled “Links to Live Summit at Saddleback“. Read great summaries of the 12 main sessions by clicking over to the Learnings @ Leadership Network blog.

On another topic, I read how this LA Times reporter lost his faith, in The Man Who Learned Too Much: For eight years, William Lobdell reported on an industry plagued by scandal, deceit and corruption. It cost him his faith, and now he’s writing a book about his odyssey. I wondered what keeps me hanging in there with my faith in Jesus Christ. [*] Also see Ken Fong’s commentary on having lunch with William Lobdell last November (which got 110+ comments) and Ken Fong’s mirror of the original LA Times article.

I too see and experience things about churches and Christians that are disappointing and disillusioning. My conclusion? When things seem darker, I gravitate to 2 passages: 1 Corinthians 15 and John 6:68 — ““Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.”

What keeps you from losing faith?

May 232008

While working out (I try to do that 3x a week) walking on treadmill, saw the big weekend news item about excalating gas prices — $3.87 national average, over $4.00 in my ‘hood. CNN was interviewing a guy from Consumer Reports saying that if you speed up from 55 to 65 mph, you lose 5 mpg in fuel (in)efficiency. Accelerating from 65 to 75 mph, you lose another 5 mpg. Tip: drive 55 mph, get 10 more miles to the gallon. Being translated, save $6 per tank when you slow down. Pointing finger at myself, no one else.

Hosting an open house and bbq at our new condo town home on Memorial Day 10am-8pm. Come by as long or as short as you’d like. Family-friendly. Swimming pool and house tour optional. RSVP to me and I’ll get you directions to Aliso Viejo.

An overflow this week with conferences on both coasts. Purpose Driven Network Summit (#pdsummit08) had over 1,700 pastors and leaders from Tues to Thurs at Saddleback. 30+ recorded videos on Ustream of interviews & conversations with panelists and attendees. I’m in a handful of them too – look for orange. At the PEACE Coalition press conference afterward, they said they’d do this Summit again next year in May 2009. Props to Tony Steward for pulling off excellent live-streaming web coverage, and my fellow conversationalists Carlos, Tony, Tom, and Mike! Aside: 1 of my audience shots.

LIVE Summit team

Whiteboard Sessions (aka #WiBo) kicked off their one-day big deal on Thursday with around 1,000 — lotta videos over at . More than a handful of crazy pastors went to both! [update: just read these sagely words from Jeff Shinabarger recognizing people's gift and potential -- do go over there and welcome Jeff to the blogosphere! He's blogging into his 2nd month now.]

Question to all: should I create a new Twitter account for play-by-play conference tweets? A few have said that I’ve overloaded their phones.

Shifting gears between conferencing + conference calls + phone calls + meetups has wiped out. Maybe I’m getting too old for this. Extending my weekend, starting now, to be unplugged. Peace out.