Jul 232007

It takes an extra effort to post a blog entry via email b/c it requires a “ping” (of wp-mail.php) and a glitch (bug) in wordpress 2.2.x – if this post goes thru, then there is a fairly easy fix using 2 plugins. I’ll update this post with the how to…

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[update] when this post was originally made via email, it only had the title (which was the email’s subject line) and blank content with the entry (even though the email had the above in the message body; I had to copy/paste after the fact). So, all this to say, it’s rather involved to fix WordPress 2.2.1 so that it can post via e-mail. What I did to fix blog by email:

  1. Downloaded WP-Cron-Mail Modified plugin
  2. Installed 2 plugins included in that ZIP and activated them
  3. Modify the /wp-includes/class-pop3.php according to igudo’s code fix for lines 367-379 <- this one worked for me! ** oops, I spoke too soon; this fix only works sometimes for me *
  4. Also tried solution for wp-mail.php fix in line 116 [not 165] from peymano, but that didn’t work either
  5. Alternatively, there is a patch at WordPress Trac 4337, but I don’t know how to patch
  6. note: the shorter fix from martinauer’s comment in this support thread to delete line 372 <- this did not work for me

If there’s an easier way to do all of this to get it working, please add a comment here. Appreciate the help!

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