Jun 232006

Question: I’ve listened to all the free Tim Keller sermons on Redeemer’s site. I’ve also bought his series on grace (outstanding) and the series on Hebrews. Since these are sort of costly, I’d like to get some recommendations before I purchase more. I know this is very subjective, but thought I’d give it a try anyway. Thanks!

djchuang >> The most complete list of free sermons that I know of (and other goodies by and/or about Keller) are at www.djchuang.com/keller/.

Once you’ve exhausted those, my best suggestion is to save up so you can start a new sermon subscription on MP3 this Fall (since Keller takes summer breaks), and hear his most recent and current sermons to come. I find practically every one of his talks to be compelling listens, and would have a difficult time just picking out a few.

The other way to selectively purchase his sermons is to think of which book or which topics you’re currently needing more insight about, and then browse the Redeemer sermon store for matching ones. [Maybe other bloggers can chime in too.]

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