Monthly Archives: October 2006

dream job for a new season

Today I started my new job with Leadership Network (LN)! I’d first heard about them back in 1998 when I was pastoring, on staff at a church plant, and my senior pastor had received LN newsletters. I was transfixed by their desire to serve churches with innovations and strategies. Now […]

gleaning wisdom in Grants Pass 3

I’m out here for a week in the sticks of Southern Oregon, in a town called Grants Pass. This place is among the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, and supposedly one of the fastest growing retirement communities in the country. I’m really glad to sit under the sagely teachings […]

Exit Wounds: The Flight of Asian American Faith

Peter Ong‘s article title Exit Wounds was posted on; the teaser describes it briefly: A walk along boulevards in any major American metropolitan city, one will find that the church as the cultural center for Asian American ethnic communities. According to a 2000 Pilot National Asian American Political survey, […]

Debriefing my semi-sabbatical with Eddie Byun

Eddie Byun launched a new podcast titled Interviews and Insights, and tapped my shoulder (figuratively) to be the first interview! What an thrilling honor and humble privilege! I sat in the comforts of a nearby Starbucks (Wisconsin Ave & Bethesda Ave) with my laptop and headset at 9:00am local time, […]

In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day

Congratulations to Mark Batterson of and National Community Church, aka, for getting his 2nd book published, 1st official one with a real publisher. The title is somewhat cryptic to me -> In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day: How to Survive and Thrive When Opportunity […]