two worlds apart

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Feb 272006

I’ve got (at least) two worlds of audiences that come to — some here at the home page blog via bookmark or rss feed, and those who randomly surf in via search engines or deep linking. For the latter audience, I’ve started some AdSense ads to possibly cover web hosting cost for this deal, while my loyal blog audience shall remain ads-free.

So, to give visibility for a recent find with my blog audience, here it is: yesterday’s New York Times featured a piece on Redeemer’s Tim Keller, “Preaching the Word and Quoting the Voice” (ht: David Park).

Rather than quoting from the article, while it is still available, I particularly liked the disclaimer from kellered: “Redeemer does not aspire to fame. In fact, Redeemer did not want the article done but the journalist was going to do it whether or not Redeemer helped him to write it. … Redeemer is happy to fly under the radar of the majority.”

At the time of this writing, other bloggers have already picked up on this piece, 5 according to BlogPulse + 11 according to Google BlogSearch, with varying degrees of commentary. [update: GetReligion has a feisty reaction to the NYT article, and they even used my Keller photo instead of an NYT one!]

Feb 242006

Booked 2 seats on Vamoose Bus to make a last-minute weekend trip with my son to NYC (New York City), leaving 5:30pm today. If I make it, I make it. Cancelled the bus, cancelled the trip. Had a little snag with hotel arrangement, and Accuweather called for very windy, cold and wet weekend with RealFeel temperature of 6? F in the evenings. Let’s call it a postponed trip when the weather is warmer.

The kind of things I do with “disposable” income is not vacationing, it’s conference-hoping (and Starbucking). I’ll drop-in at the IAM “Artists as Reconcilers” conference and “Reconciliation” Juried Art Exhibition, where one of the pieces on display is by Rachelle Woo Chuang, who is already there having a good time.

[update: since I'm not gallivanting around for good eats, sights, and sounds in the frigid cold of the city, I've trimmed my bloglines subscriptions to 300, down from 1000, and identified some focused themes for my blogs: xanga and livejournal are mirrors of, voxtropolis will be for my commentary on my flickr photos, and my Yahoo 360 blog is DJ Chuang 360:: a more vulnerable, transparent, and personal voice; and, I've SuprGlu'd all of these together for 1-click viewing]

Feb 232006

Leadership Network, described by NYT as a megachurch consulting firm, is now podcasting. There’s the official podcast feed posted on the FAQ page, and the podcast page is rolled up in an audio/video resources page. I love what they do, not so much in the size of churches, but in the innovative ideas they help to accelerate.

For your convenience, I’ve embedded Flash player objects so you can listen here & now.

Megachurch Myths: an interview with the researchers (16:53)

Multi-Site Revolution Conference: Barry Brown on theater churches (10:12)

Multi-Site Revolution Conference: Jim Tomberlin (10:50)

Ethics Conference in LA

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Feb 232006

For those who like (or need) clear answers to hard questions, this events for you [ht: D.J. Crawford]:

Compass at the Crossroads: Hard Moral Questions, Clear Christian Answers

This is an Ethics Conference happening on March 10-11 at the LA Convention Center. Scott Rae, professor of philosophy at Talbot School of Theology will be the keynote speaker. The event contact for this event is Pastor John Kwak at [email protected]

The host church is hoping for a great turnout from their church, but also praying that everyone will be excited to invite people from outside Living Way. It’s going to be a high-caliber learning time!

For those who are more comfortable with ambiguity and doubt, chew on this one: how come there are so many people who are sure about their answers, and also, at the same time, so many people sure about their doubts?

Feb 192006

To those of you tuned in here for my forthcoming stream-of-consciousness commentary about the new book Growing Healthy Asian American Churches, I’d like to expand it beyond my own voice–I’d like to invite you to a blog-based conversation about the book. Growing Healthy Asian American Churches Also, you can preview parts of the book, including the introduction and a special online-bonus supplementary chapter.

So get your copy in the next week or so, and I’ll start posting my comments here as the calendar turns to March. Please trackback or email me so we can all get linked up. I would try grid blogging, but my intuition tells me that most people don’t know what that is, so making hyperlinks will likely have a better net effect. In lieu of grid blogging, I suggest using the Technorati tag ghaac.

The book is edited by Peter Cha, Steve Kang and Helen Lee, and contains stories and insights from pioneering leaders like Ken Fong, David Gibbons, Grace May, Wayne Ogimachi, Steve Wong, Nancy Sugikawa and Soong-Chan Rah. I don’t think any of these leaders are on the blogosphere yet, except for David Gibbons. (also see the Leadership Blog interview with Dave Gibbons)

(cf. publisher’s description, my previous blog post about the book in December 2005, read the book discussion)

Feb 182006

Attending the DMA Nonprofit Conference triggered many a thoughts. The DMA Nonprofit Federation, who drove the programming for this conference, mostly come from a Direct Mail/ Direct Marketing framework of fundraising, accruing years of experience, perfecting their industry best practices, raising billions of dollars by mailing appeals and/or premiums.

Believing that “A rising tide floats all boats,” I’ll share some of my thoughts and suggestions.
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in the name of Rudy 2

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Feb 162006

I’m at a conference here on my home turf today and tomorrow, the annual DMA nonprofit conference. It’s largely direct mail in experience and perspectives, and there’s slow adoption to the online world and how that’s all rolled up as a part of an “integrated” “multichannel” communication tactics & strategy. Website is plentiful, on the level of web presence, and a few solitary mentions of blog, text messaging, and podcasting. Sigh. The hotel basement where the conference activities mostly are located is not tech-friendly– no cell phone coverage, no free wifi. Had to surface for air, airwaves that is. Good thing there’s a Starbucks with Tmobile Hotspot 3 doors down.

And then, can you believe it happens again. Last October, someone walks up to me and introduces herself in the name of Rudy. Today, after the networking session for nonprofit professionals, Tim Lash walks up to me and introduces himself to thank me for fixing Rudy‘s blog! Blogs do connect people across the miles, eh? I wonder if people will reciprocate to Rudy using my name? He sure gets out more than I do, headlining events and magazine lead articles on a monthly pace these days. :)

Feb 122006

I’ve had to deal with strange and seemingly persistent software like PestTrap and AlfaCleaner during the past few days. I don’t know how they got onto my PC running Windows XP, purporting to be anti-spyware. Looked suspicious to me. McAfee described PestTrap as “potentially unwanted program.” I’ll say. No word yet on what in the world is AlfaCleaner.
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first snow in 2006

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Feb 122006

snow 2006: snowball maker

Originally uploaded by djchuang.

Finally! Winter finally shows up in its snow white glory, February 12th, and
not a day sooner. Church was cancelled. School cancelled tomorrow. Looked like about 10″ to 12″ here; haven’t found official measurements for Bethesda, Maryland yet.