Jan 232006

Taking a brief break from my hunkered down editing mode to surface for a blog entry. We’ve finished one round of editing. One more round trip, and then I’ll do the layout and circulate among a handful of trusted readers for feedback. Glad to exit edit mode and to write random disparate thoughts.

Often I hear of people responding well to those who are practical and down-to-earth. What’s that code word for? Down-to-earth, according to WordWebOnline.com means: sensible and practical. Practical means (1) concerned with actual use or practice, (2) guided by practical experience and observation rather than theory.

I’m not one of them. I’m an idealists, love to dream, attracted to the latest innovation, wish for the way things could really be and ought to be. I love ideals! So when I read David’s thoughts about what needs to happen before we go multicultural as a church, I’m not thinking practical– I’m thinking ideal! (David is my faithful virtual friend on this editing project that’s fueled largely by sweat equity.) I’m not as motivated by how things are, or how things used to be, but more by how things could be, can be, and should be.

I think it’s that way for most endeavors – there’s a lot more excitement over what’s new and a vision of what could be, rather than having things the way they’ve always been, comfort foods and antiques excepted. Maybe you can add traditional churches to that list too. Proportionally speaking, I don’t think preservation motivates a lot of generosity in funding or volunteerism.

And, I get a text message that Kobe Bryant scores 81 points in 1 NBA basketball game – see videos:: Play of the day: Kobe (0:37) + Kobe highlights (0:33) + Kobe reflects (4:37). How long until Google Video has it available for download? [update: a day. Get the full game for $3.95]

Rick Warren meets Jewish leaders
Another golden find: Rick Warren met with Jewish leaders last June 2005, months before emergent church leaders met with Synagogue 3000 recently. What would Rick Warren say to the Jewish Rabbi? You can view the video clips [registration req'd] online. Rick wisely quotes from the Hebrew portion of the Scriptures in this big practitioners pow wow.

Jan 102006

I need to cut back on my blogging (and blog reading). I have to edit 2 books for L2 Foundation; both are compilations of papers presented at events that we’ve hosted — one on Asian American youth ministry, one on Asian American theology. Editing has been more time-consuming than I had anticipated. We’re planning to self-publish using a print-on-demand service, to skirt the problem of market pressures from traditional publishers, and make these valuable resources easily available. And then if there’s overwhelming interest, we can upgrade to normal publishing and distributing channels and get a 2nd edition professionally edited. I set an overly-ambitious schedule to go to print in Q1 2006. The publish date might need to slide for sanity sake.
Before I go dark, I’ll refer you to Redeemer’s Vision Campaign (aka Tim Keller‘s church) that happened in Fall 2005, and they’ve generously made available their notes and sermons online. Listen to them for hours of inspiration, insight, and possible life transformation from listening to some high-octane reflections on life in the city.

1 reason to switch

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Jan 082006

MacWorld (conference and expo) is this week. While I’m not a Mac evangelist or fanatic, when Steve Jobs makes an announcement, it’s often accompanied with awe and buzz. This Tuesday’s keynote should be no exception. I’m waiting for that news on when I can get my hands on one of those Macs with Intel inside.

The higher price, small single-digit market share, and software I already own on the PC, have kept me from switching. But there is 1 reason to switch: the (almost) instant on from sleep mode. I love how I can open up my wifey’s laptop and get online in 5 seconds or less. I haven’t timed it, but it’s so fast! And, with new Macs coming with Intel inside, maybe it’ll run both Mac OS and Windows too. The possibilities..

I had written a much longer entry, but my Firefox browser crashed when I was trying to copy an URL to link up a side note about how Apple ran a Switch ad campaign back in 2002, and fanned some fame flames towards Ellen Feiss. The other aside I want to mention is a new video game online rental called gamefly.com – a brilliant idea! Though I’m in the minority with not being a gamer, I love a great idea!

[update: live blogging of Jobs' Macworld keynote at engadget, macrumorslive, news.com, macworld.com; watch the Steve Jobs' Keynote Address at MacWorld 2006]

Jan 042006

Podcast was the 2005 word of the year. 2006 started a few days ago, and it’s already accelerating to videocasting (aka vlogging, video podcasting, screencast, vcast, vlog, audioblog) — if this is an indicator: there’s far more free video hosting websites than free podcast hosting.

The best value for free hosting is letting people try new technology at their own pace, or to share an occasional audio or video [and free means reliability and logevity are uncertain]. Several websites provide free hosting for both audios and videos:

  1. OurMedia.org (note: this uses Internet Archive, and posted files are available permanently)
  2. FreeBandProject.com
  3. CastPost.com
  4. Gcast.com
  5. BoltFolio.com (audios, videos, photos too)
  6. MyBloop.com (audios, videos, photos too)
  7. KolaBlog.com
  8. Streamload.com (10 GB free, $ upgrade for more)
  9. eSnips.com (1 GB free)

Or, see gHack’s free file hosting list, updated monthly, for all kinds of files.
Podcast hosting only (audios):

  1. Switchpod.com
  2. Shockpod.com
  3. Slapcast.com
  4. dibidib.com

Also see this annotated list: Podcast hosting on the cheap.

Video hosting (some even work with the video iPod):

  1. YouTube.com
  2. Vimeo.com
  3. revver.com
  4. ClipShack.com
  5. DailyMotion.com
  6. vSocial.com
  7. grouper.com
  8. NowPublic.com (for news videos + photos)
  9. Sharkle.com
  10. eVideoShare.com
  11. ZippyVideos.com
  12. VidiLife.com
  13. Flukiest.com
  14. PixParty.com (pix+ videos)
  15. blip.tv [ht: superhua]
  16. Vobbo.com
  17. OpenVlog.com
  18. Kaneva.com (videos + games)
  19. freevideoblog.com (powered by Vidiac, a network of many free video hosts)
  20. DropShots.com (videos + photos)
  21. veoh.com
  22. iFeeder.net (videos + photos)

Also see comparison chart and commentary at Comparing The Flickrs of Video [ht: djp72 via dvimeo forum]

Jan 042006

After a couple of lukewarm ideas like Chantico and Green Tea Frappaccino (with barely detectable Green Tea flavor), I’m glad that Starbucks has introduced a new drink that looks to be a winner: Cinnamon Dolce Latte! Yesterday was the first day I noticed it en route on my morning commute, and my wifey won the competition and had one on opening day. I had one this morning and I like it; glad it is not as sweet as the toffee nut latte, tho’ my old default will still remain the grande soy latte.
First mentioned about a month ago, and now buzz is picking up – 13 blog entries to date, tho’ no mention of it at Starbucks Gossip yet.