Jan 302005

[a lost entry reconstructed]

Next week’s TIME Magazine has a cover about Evangelicals, with a photo essay of the top 25 influentials, and articles titled The Democrats: Trying out a more soulful tone and What Does Bush Owe the Religious Right?

To save you the bandwidth of clicking through, here’s the list (alphabetical order):

  • Howard & Roberta Ahmanson: The Financiers
  • David Barton: The Lesson Planner
  • Doug Coe: The Stealth Persuader
  • Chuck Colson: Reborn and Rehabilitated
  • Luis Cort?s: Bringing Latinos To the Table
  • James Dobson: The Culture Warrior
  • Stuart Epperson: A High-Fidelity Messenger
  • Michael Gerson : The President’s Spiritual Scribe
  • Billy & Franklin Graham: Father and Son In the Spirit
  • Ted Haggard: Opening Up the Umbrella Group
  • Bill Hybels: Pioneering Mass Appeal
  • T.D. Jakes: The Pentecostal Media Mogul
  • Diane Knippers: A Think Tank With Firepower
  • Tim & Beverly LaHaye: The Christian Power Couple
  • Richard Land: God’s Lobbyist
  • Brian McLaren: Paradigm Shifter
  • Joyce Meyer: A Feminine Side Of Evangelism
  • Richard John Neuhaus: Bushism Made Catholic
  • Mark Noll: The Intellectual Exemplar
  • J.I. Packer: Theological Traffic Cop
  • Rick Santorum: The Point Man On Capitol Hill
  • Jay Sekulow: The Almighty’s Attorney-at-Law
  • Stephen Strang: Keeper of “The Faith”
  • Rick Warren: America’s New People’s Pastor
  • Ralph Winter: A Global Mission
Jan 302005

[a lost entry reconstructed]

GodBlogCon 2005, the Christian Blogosphere Convention, is fixin’ to happen around the October 2005 timeframe in Mesa, Arizona. GodBlogCon 2005 latest updates will be at SmartChristian.com and intercessory prayers are being collected & offered at the GodBlogCon Prayer Blog. Keynote speakers are being booked as we speak.

After being graciously profiled by SmartChristian,
I was appointed (or inadvertently drafted, depending on your
perspective) as the Live Blogger for GodBlogCon. If I can get there,
I’d be happy to do it, and sport my “I’m blogging this” T-shirt. Hugh
Hewitt’s book, Blog : Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World, has been designated as a reading prerequisite.

And, wondering out loud, will they make room for the emerging church blogosphere with the likes of PlanetEmergent.org and A-listers like JordonCooper.com, TallSkinnyKiwi, JenLemen.com, Willzhead, UrbanOnramps, Emergesque, et al? And who can forget Tim Bedner of e-church.com, the blogger interviewed in Christianity Today / Leadership Journal for predicting the next revival to come via the Web?

[update: SmartChristian.com has since added a number of tracks, including one for the emerging church, as well as a broad range of Christians like Catholics and Orthodox]

Jan 292005

[a lost entry reconstructed]

“You put peanut butter in my chocolate!
You put chocolate in my peanut butter!” Can personal joy & delight,
strong work ethic, and capitalism really be compatible? Virginia
Postrel’s reading of Bolles’ classic “What Color Is Your Parachute?” think so.

This sound bite is from dynamist.com’s blog entry Finding Your Calling, excerpted from original submission to NYT Book Review article:

message makes Parachute not only practical but intellectually
contrarian. Protestantism, claimed Weber, divested work of its earthly
delight, making it purely a religious duty. Capitalism, he continued,
“has destroyed” that delight “forever.”

What Color Is Your
Parachute? is an extended, market-grounded argument that Weber was
wrong. A century after The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of
Capitalism was published, the best-selling book about job hunting is an
explicitly Protestant guide to finding joy at work.

read (portions of) a previous edition of that book, I find my joyful
work to be elusive of capital, b/c an underlying assumption is that the
real world (marketplace) wants to economically & financially reward
me for the kind of work I love to do. Not so, when the stuff I love to
do is not measurable outcomes or deliverables; yet I would like to have
measurable economic gain. :)

Keller crazed

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Jan 272005

[a lost entry reconstructed]

I struck gold while googling tonight. Found an extended transcript of a number of Tim Keller‘s messages – labeled as: KELLER ON PREACHING IN A POST-MODERN CITY: Preaching To Create Spiritually Inclusive Worship.

particularly like this sound bite: “In general, periodicals are more
important than books.” This is in the context of how to keep up with
trends and the cultural pulse, so that you can speak in an engaging
manner and enter people’s stories (my words, not his). And, I do like
magazines more than books.

[updated: the source is actually The Movement e-newsletter of the Redeember church planting center, where it's online more colorfully as part 1 and part 2;
and lots of other great articles by Tim Keller that'll need to be
deep-linked at my Keller page one day. While over there, also found DECONSTRUCTING DEFEATER BELIEFS: Leading the Secular to Christ, after all, Jesus is the ultimate deconstructionist] [thanks to Chad]

Jan 262005

[a lost entry reconstructed]

I’m back online from the home base! It
happened with a short little email deposited in my Gmail account while
I was hangin’ out with Will and Jen
at the Lemen commune today. We kept the mics off and banned live
blogging, b/c some of the conversations may be what some consider
confidential, off-limits, or off-color, some combo thereof.

DSL service ready date arrived 2 days early, after a long debacle
involving over a dozen customer service calls to 3 companies –
previous episodes: DSL exile at home + SOL on DSL + Holiday slow down.


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Jan 262005

[a lost entry reconstructed]

SmartChristian.com has started a thread exploring the possibility of a Christian Blogosphere Convention, or GodBlogCon for short. Click through and comment there to sign-up.

What if that group would just attend an event like the Internet Evangelism for the 21st Century Conference
in April 2005, and see where GodBlogCon can go from there? Disclosure:
I’ll be on a panel discussion on blogging there, tenatively called Reaching the Connected Generation with Blogging.

Jan 262005

[a lost entry reconstructed]

After refusing to run an ad for a Bible (news item: 1, 2, 3, 4; blog: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Rolling Stone has changed its mind (the Biblical term for that is repent) and will accept the ad now. The excuse was stated as follows:

the internal miscommunications that led to the previous misstatement of
company policy and apologize for any confusion it may have caused.”

please. Miscommunication? Misstatement? Confusion? Being in the
business of media and communication, there’s no room for that.

Jan 252005

[a lost entry reconstructed]

The 50 Most Influential Christians in America according to Church Report Magazine. Notably and disappointedly absent are Tim Keller and Hugh Hewitt. Those editors readers are just a tad off the mark. A surprise one that I did not know of his faith orientation is Dr. Phil McGraw (and just makin’ the cut).

I don’t know what to make of it with all the fascination with influential people; Barna recently published his survey results about major influencers of American Protestant churches. Will had a great insight on the problem with statistics (and he made me say uncle, cf. comment thread there).

[update: The rankings of this Top 50 list are based on a tally of the magazine's readers polled, not its editors; See discussion at their message board here and here.]

Jan 212005

[a lost entry reconstructed]

Many in the ill-named emergent church conversation are familiar with A New Kind of Christian, and as Jason Clark had aptly noted that Emergent is not the Emerging Church, there are several other ways that different types of churches are engaging the cultural changes in which we find ourselves.

Erwin McManus et al has their particular way of attacking it, and this news blurb, Renowned Hollywood Pastor Condemns “Civilized Christianity”, might suggest A Wild Kind of Christian. Erwin’s new book is titled The Barbarian Way : Unleash the Untamed Faith Within.

How’s that saying go, something about more than one way to skin a cat?

A precursor to these varied ways that churches are engaging culture was outlined in the watershed book, Church in Emerging Culture: Five Perspectives. And Jason Clark has resurfaced that conversation with a somewhat familiar chart yesterday: How are you engaging with Emerging Church?