waiting for 2005

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Dec 302004

For those of you keeping score at home, I’m still waiting for DSL. Looks like it might not happen until January 4th, 2005. And that means I’m falling more and more behind with keepin’ up with the blogosphere.

cf. Holiday slowdown

The last time I switched hi-speed internet providers, August 2003, that was a different kind of painful.

disaster recovery

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Dec 292004

I’m deciding on where to put my financial efforts to help with the tsunami recovery: somewhere between worldvision.org and amazon.com (in partnership with Red Cross); the greatest need is for monies.

Dec 292004

Communication is hard work. But it is so necessary. Actively communicating is needed in every realm- within an organization (for-profit or non-profit), between organizations, from organizations to the public, between individuals, within a marriage, in all kinds of relationships. (and it can also be said that communication within oneself in the form of self-talk has its own kind of impact) And yet it’s so poorly done all over the place. I won’t gripe about why others don’t do it, nor speculate what their motives are.

I’ll admit that I’m not the greatest communicator. It just plain disappoints me that orgs and people withhold information, and thus fail to communicate. Communicating is written or its verbal. Public speaking is the #1 fear of Americans (and probably of most people around the world). Written communication, like blogging, works for some people. Experts say that most communication is non-verbal, but in actuality, most communication effectively happens because of words, written and spoken.

So I use words, typed words. Blogging has opened up a new world for me, and to millions of others. I don’t get to blog as often as I’d like, far short of the 5 hours a day that an A-list blogger spends on the art of it.

And in that process of actively communicating, we slowly learn how to communicate better, to do the hard work, and we find life.

blogging comes of age

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Dec 232004

It’s been a good year for blogging, blogs, and bloggers, as mainstream media (MSM) acknowledge its growing influence: Alpha Bloggers Shape the High-Tech Agenda (Newsweek), Blogs Have Their Day + 10 Things We Learned About Blogs (Time), ‘Blog’ Tops US Dictionary’s Words of the Year, et al.

I’ve been blogging since 1999, so it is wonderful to see blogging finally get its due recognition.

My dear wife encouraged me to make a late evening excursion to our neighborhood hotspot so I can get online with broadband. Our home is still without DSL, as we endure what is looking like a month-long ordeal to switch providers. Sad to report that it’s not happening before Christmas, and maybe won’t happen until 2005.

Dec 182004

At Bob Carlton‘s evite, here’s my Top 5 for 2004, second half of it anyways:

Deconstructing McLaren
pseudo podcasting
overload schmoverload
40 Purpose-Driven Bullet Points
upgrade to 13,000 feet

This lil’ exercise was a little excruciating for me, since I don’t usually look back, or forward in time, I’d much prefer not to reminesce nor to plan ahead. I’m here in the moment, in the present, and that’s it for my attention span. :) But given my job responsibilities, and roles in the reality of life, I kinda have to do that kind of stuff.

holiday slow down

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Dec 162004

Returned from a brief excursion to the Big Apple, mainly for a company luncheon, and attached a small family vacation with it. Painstaking trip up, leaving metro DC at 12:30pm and arriving at 7:30pm, with an hour spent inching along at Lincoln Tunnel! I missed our division’s dinner at upscale O’Neals.

Colder than expected there. Stayed at a hotel in Upper West Side, and played for hours at FAO Schwarz. I didn’t get my New York style steak. Ate both dinners in room. Last night I dined via takeout from oBune was wonderfully courteous, serving me a cup of hot green tea while I waited. Great variety of tempura, tuna rolls, teriyaki beef, katsudon chicken rolls, and more came with the box special. Delish!

And now, I’m getting my share of Advent patience, with ol’ dial-up Internet access for about a week or more. I’m in process of converting from one DSL provider to another, for a savings of $20 per month. But the cancellation order placed on December 4th didn’t go through. So my new provider has cancelled their provisioning twice already. New service ready date is scheduled for December 23rd.

If Santa Claus comes through, I might have DSL for Christmas.

Deconstructing McLaren

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Dec 132004

On more than one occasion, I’ve been pushed into the corner by onlookers of the “emergent” conversation and to explain what McLaren is all about. Not an easy thing to explain, even though I attend his church and have read most of his books cover-to-cover. I know it’s unfair to give sound bites, and he is far more nuanced about his theological and spiritual perspectives.

Until I came across this Christian Century article titled “New kind of Christian: Brian McLaren’s Emergent voice” [tip to Pomomusings]. This article is the best piece to date that deconstructs McLaren, and adeptly finds the loci and emphases of his spiritual explorations.

Dec 112004

Instead of endlessly reading more blogs from my Bloglines reader (which is up to 271 feeds, not that I read all of them, but I do skim them from time to time), I’m going to start blogging towards something that might one day get published as my autobiography.

My approach will be a random-access, non-linear recall of episodes in my life. To get started is better than to sit still, waiting for that perfect moment, or preparing an outline for some kind of a chapter-by-chapter book proposal. This isn’t to say that my life all that spectacular per se, but it is something that I’ve occasionally had a strong compulsion to do. I’ve got an intuitive sense that for me to tell of times when Life has brought me to notable accomplishments or tremendous struggles would be of help to some readers somewhere, particularly as a distinctly Asian-American Christian voice. (not that this partiularly label, I prefer the term “point-of-reference”, encompasses my whole identity or even a majority of it, but it has been more distinguished for certain conversations.)
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