big upcoming weekend

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Aug 302004

I’m in the final days before being a part of running a big event we call the Leaders Forum, an invite-only event for Asian North American leaders (a friendlier term to be inclusive of our friends north of the border). Not being at liberty to share too much about it, I can say a few things. I do appreciate those who would say a prayer for me and the Forum. Main point of what we do: creating a safe place for synergy and collaboration to happen.

It does feel funny to have to have a criteria for inviting only certain people (those who are innovative, progressive, entrepreneural, accomplished), and that doesn’t make me feel any better than those who don’t get an invitation. But we only have so much space. Sure, it does feel great for those who do get invited. And we do want people who are invited to feel special and affirmed.
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Blogs 101 Webinar

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Aug 252004

I’m sitting in on an Intelliseek webinar (conference call + web meeting) titled “Blogs 101: What every marketer needs to know” right now, with some raving anticipating of the power of blogging, which they categorically call Consumer-Generated Media.. “Consumers trust one another far more than they trust advertisers”.. they particularly like the measurable part.. the presenter even setup a blog of the webinar:

Aug 242004

There it was, waiting for me in the smiley box, my pre-ordered copy of a Generous Orthodoxy by Brian McLaren, has finally arrived!

It came with a blue diamond-shaped sticker, with a money-back guarantee:

We guarantee you’ll love this book, or it’s FREE (Peel Here)

And on the sticker back, it says:

Mail this book to:
[Zondervan address] with your receipt, name, address, and reason for dissatisfaction, and we’ll send you a coupon for the purchase price, to be used for any Zondervan product at participating bookstores. Expres 2 months from date on purchase receipt.

I’ll do my best to read the book within 2 months, and let you know if I love it or not. *sarcasm*

partisan rally

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Aug 192004

Pastors and rock stars are weighing in on this year’s presidential election, weighty words like “most important in my lifetime” being tossed in, as if to use their positions of influence, to sway the hoi polloi, rather than staying within their realm of responsibility and expertise. Websites show the rally for votes in accord with their selective issue biasing, like and, or just sheer celeb’ rock star status at Vote For Change rock tour. As one who doesn’t have strong feelings about politics, I find it demotivating to engage the conversation when there is so little dialogue, and so much selectivity on issues. Now, I realize with a whole mixed bag of issues, there has to be a sorting out of priorities. It’s too seriously complicated to set policies for a vastly diverse country, and still growing even more diverse in values, and what most people see and most people do is over-simplify on both sides, rarely engaging with those who differ. Having said that, I do vote, and do encourage people to vote.

[update: 2 more examples of mobilizing people to vote at and, courtesy of - I don't see how in good conscience they can say that they're non-partisan!]

Aug 162004

Some hot intel’ for my DC area friends: Krispy Kreme opens its first store in Washington, D.C. at Dupont Circle next Tuesday (August 24th), located at 1350 Connecticut Ave, NW, on the circle, right across from the Dupont Circle Metro stop.

  • HOT LIGHT goes on and doors open at 5:30 a.m.
  • First customer will win a year?s supply of doughnuts (52 dozen).
  • Next 23 customers will each win a dozen doughnuts a month for a year.
  • First 24 customers will each receive a Washington, D.C. Krispy Kreme Jersey T-shirt (#1 – 24).
  • First 24 customers will each win a medium cup of Krispy Kreme?s Signature Coffee a month for a year.
  • The next 75 customers will each receive a limited edition Washington, D.C. Krispy Kreme T-shirt.
  • Every customer on Opening Day will receive a free Hot Original Glazed doughnut!
Aug 152004

A small sense of accomplishment (getting things done doesn’t do all that much for me): finished going through my whole blog back to June 1999 and cleaned up the HTML code that was left behind by the most recent export/import of MovableType entries into b2evolution. Rather than tweak the software, I went through my 900+ entries manually and copy/pasted texts so it’d look right.

While going through my own life cache (cf. Trendwatching article “Life Caching“, courtesy of link via, I noticed a coupla things: (1) the demise of dot-com websites, even those that I linked to and thought would/should have been around a while; (2) recurring themes in my life journey, (3) my elation at new insight and discoveries.

Aug 132004

Fastest Growing Churches, 2000-2004, the gain is listed.

1. 14,060 Lakewood Church Houston, TX
2. 12,570 Without Walls Int’l Church Tampa, FL.
3. 11,300 The Potter’s House Dallas, TX
4. 10,200 North Point Community Church Alpharetta, GA
5. 9,950 Fellowship Church Grapevine, TX
6. 9,400 Mars Hill Bible Church Grandville, MI
7. 8,787 Second Baptist Church Houston, TX
8. 8,687 Life Church Edmund, OK
9. 7,593 World Changes College Park, GA
10. 7,567 Church of the Resurrection Leawood, KS
11. 6,800 Christ’s Church of the Valley Peoria, AZ
12. 6,500 Christian Cultural Center Brooklyn, NY
13. 6,050 Calvary Chapel of Ft. Lauderdale Ft. Lauderdale, FL
14. 5,900 The Dream Center/Angeles Temple Los Angeles, CA
15. 5,672 Saddleback Church Lake Forest, CA
16. 5,389 McLean Bible Church McLean, VA
17. 5,032 First Assembly of God Phoenix, AZ
18. 5,000 Highland Park United Methodist Dallas, TX
19. 4,846 Prestonwood Baptist Church Plano, TX
20. 4,412 Fellowship of the Woodlands Woodlands, TX
21. 4,298 Southeast Christian Church Louisville, KY
22. 3,891 Brookhollow Baptist Church Houston, TX
23. 3,711 New Hope Christian Fellowship Oahu, Honolulu, HI
24. 3,700 Faith World Orlando, FL
25. 3,500 Christ Fellowship Palm Beach Gardens,FL
26. 3,500 Church of the Open Door Crystal, MN
27. 3,477 Granger Community Church Granger, IN
28. 3,432 Cedarcreek Community Church Perrysburg, OH
29. 3,300 Crossroads Community Church Cincinnati, OH
30. 3,233 Hope Presbyterian Church Cordova, TN
31. 3,100 King’s Cathedral Kahului, HI
32. 3,017 Calvary Community Church Phoenix, AZ
33. 3,000 Calvary Chapel-Golden Springs Diamond Bar, CA
34. 3,000 Victory Christian Center Oklahoma City, OK
35. 3,000 Calvary Revival Chapel Norfolk, VA
36. 2,978 Bay Area Fellowship Corpus Christi, TX
37. 2,900 Highland Park Baptist Church Chattanooga, TN
38. 2,600 Lutheran Church of Hope West Des Moines, IA

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