edging towards burnout?

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Jul 312004

Perish the thought that crossed my mind this week, as I sat at my office cubicle, with 3 LCD screens before me (2 laptops, 1 with an extra screen for extra desktop space, very nice), and I wondered if I was feeling close to burnout with ramped-up workload between my 2 jobs, which I had been doing mostly well with for the past 3+ years..

but this summer has taken more effort for me to do them, one b/c of event planning that comes around once every 3 years (and I get weighed down by details), the other b/c of my change in role at ForMinistry.com, away from software programming towards customer relations, and my developing processes and beginning to manage workflow and stuff.. I don’t know the terms people use for business operations, so I kinda invent my own terms which may or may not work the most efficiently to communicate the best to those I need to work with.. but it’s a start, and a good start, just that when the thought of me, of all people, feeling a little overload of Internet, I said to myself, oh my, what’s wrong? I love the Internet, how could I ever get too much of it, or get sick of it? No way! I got that Gallup strength theme of INPUT, so doesn’t that mean I never have to fear information overload?!

knowing my own vulnerabilities, I decided to not push myself harder to get more of the challenging tasks done, stayed with easier tasks, tried to pace myself, Googled a bit to begin reading up on burnout, and food and mood, to raise my awareness of how to take care of myself, something I easily neglect..

not all that geeky

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Jul 262004

but maybe geekier than your average person? I’ve not come across an online quiz to measure my geek factor, but perhaps I am more of one than the average bear. To be an ultimate geek, I’d need to have much more digital hardware and gadgets, but I should count my blessings and do a little inventory, see where I fall on the bell curve.

What I don’t have: no cable tv, no Tivo DVR, no big screen tv, no home stereo/ home theater sound system, no top-line gaming desktop computer, no video game machine (PS2 or Xbox), no garage door opener, many more technological don’t haves.

What I do have: PalmOne Treo 600, Nikon (5mpix) digital camera, iPod (15gb), Emerson 19″ color TV, Emerson combo DVD/VCR player, low-end 2GHz cordless phone, low-end Dell desktop computer w/ 21″ color monitor, WiFi access point/router, DSL hi-speed Internet, personal website, blog. Plus, on “loan”: 2 Dell laptops from work (2 jobs).

So does that make me a big geek? :)

Jul 232004

I love networking — meeting new people, engaging in dynamic and diverse conversations, making introductions when the opportunity seems probable or even remotely possible.. this entry sparked from recent find of: The 10 Secrets of a Master Networker (Keith Ferrazzi needs two PalmPilots to keep track of all his contacts, people like Bill Clinton and Michael Milken. But there’s far more to cracking the inner circle of the power elite than just taking names) and How to Become a Master Networker (Adopt these 10 traits, and you’ll have people knocking down your door trying to do business with you.) [refers to book titled Masters of Networking]

.. but my achille’s heel is that I don’t monetize it or use it for personal gain (and Keith Ferrazzi would probably cuss at me).. like Ferrazzi, it’s a lifestyle, it’s a habit, it’s part of who I am, tho’ I’ve not worked up the budget to fly first class nor always do power lunches and dinners, and won’t; I’ll have you know, I do dinner with my family 90-95% of the time..

.. and your worst suspicion and mine, these articles confirm, there really is a good-old-boys network.

Jul 232004

hung out with fellow blogger Willzhead this morning at Starbucks, and enjoyed hangin’ out and shared common threads of our life stories, as both of us have meandered around theology, emergent church, technology, non-profit, and for me, potentially entrepreneural ventures [my own next phase of exploration and self-discovery].. he’d become a very active blogger since EC Nashville, and he’s got some good things going.. look forward to the next opp.


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Jul 192004

just discovered great tutorial site about blogging at http://www.blogbasics.com/

more conversations today than usual, and that makes me happy, mostly; one person picked up in my tone of voice some tension, to which I confess I felt, but I didn’t know where it was coming from. I had a good negotiation phone call earlier in the day, something I had been dreading for days, and then turns out I didn’t have to negotiate it, b/c the terms of the contract were actually okay, and we weren’t stuck with something irrevocable as I had thought.. WHEW.. sigh of relief.. but a few hours later, I’m feeling tension in my shoulders, and I’m beginning to have more of those incidents where I notice it now.. and that is usually a sign of some kind of stress.. and I certainly hope it’s not a sign of burnout, as I had been working 2 jobs now for going on 4 years, come this November.. off to bed – early morning meeting.

Jul 182004

Welcome! You’ve found your way here, this is my new blog location, still being moved into, and it may take weeks to get completely renovated, revised, and made to feel at home. Please update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, and whatever else accordingly. I believe that content is a little more important than presentation, so rather than getting my redesign all done, and every link fixed to point to the new location, a la grand re-opening + fanfare + hype, I thought/felt it’d be better to get my blogging voice back online first [ah! so good to be back!], and then fix the broken links, adjust the templates, and overlay a brand new website redesign (a Photoshop mockup has already been created by my lovely graphic-designer wife) onto the whole of www.djchuang.com

The most recent and heart-wrenching saga in the blogosphere has been that of Samuel Job Mashariki Carrasco, or Sam for short, who now has a blog at http://psalm34.blogspot.com — Sam is the 4-year-old son of urban blogger Rudy, and had unexpectedly recently been diagnosed with leukemia.. this is the wonderful side of blogging, in that this technology has proven / is proving useful for pulling people together across long distances, people who may not have ever met, to be community to one another.. to support and to love, in ways other than physical proximity, and yet often just as impacting.. [note to self: comment on the tenuous speculative nature of blogging too]

Jul 182004

preferring to show works in progress, and not being one to always only unveil something is completely done and ready to go, here is my work in progress as I migrate from MovableType to b2evolution.. some first impressions: very fast response time, as b2 is written in php, blogs seem to be displayed dynamically, allowing for extra features like instantly switching between skins for displaying pages, multilingual support, multi-user support, multi-blog support, and with all these features, it has a price point of free = donor-supported.

Why the change away from MovableType? I don’t mind paying for good software [in fact, pMachine was on my short list], but the performance of PERL scripts has been disappointing, and I didn’t like the many HTML files strewn around, which had to be generated in order to display blog entries (with b2, blog entries are displayed dynamically via database calls, thus using far less web server space) — this is a factor when I have archives going back to June 1999.. beautiful thing is the import tool from MT to b2 worked incredibly, even imported comments, almost perfect! (except for how it didn’t let my HTML in very smoothly, so I have to go back and edit them manually).. and with the change of a web hosting server, it seemed timely to change blog software, and an overall website redesign will be soon following.. just that it all takes longer than I wish it could b/c I am still working my 2 jobs and maintaining sanity..