Jun 292004

armchair theoblogian? yeah, that’d be me.. discovered that my blogroll to the right is of more interest than what’s here in the center column ;(

Now, time to go to the airport, and to Indianapolis for 8 nights & 9 days, see what I’m doing there.. gonna miss the 4th with the fam.

around the DC circuit

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Jun 262004

it was a particularly fun and energizing morning for me, to run a buzz with conversations at a conference that happened to be in the area.. if only there were a job where I could be a professional conference attender, and just meet people to exchange ideas.. (not to do event planning, not to do exhibits to pitch products nor services)..

one wrong turn around DC streets can put you in long pauses of stop & go traffic, even on a Saturday.. I’m grateful that my inadvertently delayed visit with Ken was kindly received, even tho’ I missed the window of time for which he had designated for hangin’ out.. great conversationalist, and astute observer of churches, philosophers, theologians, and history.. I’m happy to see him give blogging a try at theologicalthought.com, and hope he will find time to occasionally put forth his distinct and distinguished voice, and thoughts, online for all..

I particularly like his insight, where Ken blogged: “I’ve become convinced that Brian McLaren’s New Kind of Christian (NKOC) trilogy has touched on an issue more fundamental to the history of theological thought than any book in decades.

Jun 252004

now that I’m wired up for the next year, via T-Mobile Hotspot subscription, I hang out even more at Starbucks, and the acoustics in this particular one off Rockville Pike makes it a bit louder and energetic.. and not wanting to listen in and overhear conversation, I can’t help avoiding the sound bites.. a good number of them are rather intimate and personal conversations, and I won’t divulge any topics here or anywhere, other than this commentary, even words like ‘confidential’ was overheard [hmm.. wouldn't you make a confidential conversation at a place where you wouldn't be overheard!?], and the classic it’s-not-you-it’s-me, c.f. Seinfeld..

ahhhh.. the essence of life, and overburnt coffee beans.. soothing to my soul, great way to close out a day filled with many conversations as I hung out with people in Alexandria at NFLC, in Rockville at a lunch buffet, and a coupla engagin’ phone calls.. also recently read recently in Fast Company that Starbucks is launching a Hear Music thing, where you can burn your own music CDs, think iTunes meets Tower Records plus lattes. (their quote, not my creative sloganeering, or lack thereof)

Usncrmalbe it!

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Jun 232004

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[courtesy of Explora Science Center in Albuquerque, the best interactive museum I've experienced to date]

Jun 192004

who but God knew what would happen this week when I walked up to a rental car counter without reservation, and we received a free upgrade for our economy rental, and we drove around town in a white Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo.. our itinerary was loosely set around a few days in Albuquerque, with day-trip excursion to Santa Fe, then a few days in Durango.. Thursday we decided to let the day go, put ourselves out there, and see what would happen.. a terribly risky day for an INFJ to see what an out-of-control day with an ENFP behind the wheel..

we drove north on the windy mountainous 550 to Silverton, a small rustic mining town with brightly painted storefronts off of Main Street, and a visit to NA Graphics, which holds the files to the history of all the Vandercook letterpresses, one of which sits in our garage now converted to art studio.. and from there we’d go four-wheeling.. either up Kendall Mountain that overlooks small-town Silverton (a trail I had already looked up at webejeepin.com), or take the 45-minute drive through Ophir Pass to Telluride (through word-of-mouth with some Silverton locals).. we (I) opted for the greater unknown and tried Ophir Pass, no map in hand, no clue where it’d lead (and no clue how we’d get back to Durango)..

wow, what a drive, first time four-wheeling, holding on for dear life with a ‘death-grip’ on the steering wheel (and now feeling it in my left wrist), as we wound up the mountain pass, wheels a feet from the edge of the cliff side, and up into the mountain glaciers and a light drizzle to sprinkle grace into our new ventures into the unknown.. an added thrill to see my father-in-law glee in delight at the awesome sights..

so about an hour later, we wind up in Telluride, where they’re in the midst of a Bluegrass festival.. we didn’t go to the main stage, and didn’t know much about the town, but quickly picked up that this was no ordinary small town.. it was more of a ritzy-glam town, an excursion for the well-to-do, and Roo spotted an art gallery, into which we strolled, and saw some exquisite artwork, where pieces have sold for $500,000 recently(!!).. more visual beauty to the delight of my wife..

our attempt to return on another mountain pass, Tom Boy Road, turned out to be more than we bargained for.. the UPS driver said it’d be just as quick to take this “shortcut” than to take the circuitous highway route.. Tom Boy Road took us, eventually to Imogene Pass, altitude 13,000 feet, and we couldn’t go any further!.. we had to turn around, go back to Telluride, and take the paved highway, returning home by like 9:30pm, missing dinner..

cliches of breath-taking views, exhilirating, unbelievable, beauty, wonder, et al, could be words to etch here, or photos frail attempt to capture a glimpse of what we saw.. and having viewed the photos that night, neither words nor pictures can describe or capture the experience.. it has to be experienced, and it was wondrous to experience it.. would I have done it if it were planned, or if I were in a vehicle smaller than a Grand Cherokee? probably not! I’m not one for risky adventures nor heights, frankly if I lingered much more to savor the moment, I might’ve gotten queazy.. and such was the case when we were up at 13,000-feet of Imogene Pass, me shivering a bit in the 30-degree chill, and didn’t trigger the panoramic feature of my new digital camera to capture the view of being so high up..

a most exhilirating day filled with beautiful sights and sounds, with a little residual survivor-guilt for missing a dinner engagement that was scheduled at the top of the day..

[update 6/23/04: photos now online!]

messy risky vacationing

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Jun 192004

went 4-wheeling on Thursday, and wound up taking all day, longer than anticipated, missing a dinner engagement, that adventure worth a blog entry of its own (later).. I was feeling very raw and vulnerable, and b/c of the sensitivity and proximity of matters in dealing with family dynamics, I feel I need to obscure the identity of the people involved, and gloss over the details of recent events..
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Southwest vacationing

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Jun 152004

I’m in New Mexico (mostly) this week on a family vacation, loggin’ in at 24kbps on a sad hotel phone line.. driving a very nice Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo courtesy a free upgrade from Advantage Rent a Car (I like them a lot).. had a great time at Newsong’s NLC04, bought all the CDs.. very high-energy high-quality production, great team of people, 1 to 7 volunteers-to-attendees ratio, can you imagine that?! [update 1241p: I'm getting a massage in half-an-hour, and will try to find my way to do some 4-wheeling at Cedro Peak]

NLC04 preview

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Jun 112004

I’m at the front-end of the NLC04, 6th annual Newsong leadership conference, the best thing going for the multi-ethnic/multi-Asian mix of churches.. while size is not the measure of all things, it does get attention, and many Asian faces are in the mix.. very unlike most Christian pastors & leaders conferences that are largely one ethnic grouping, be it Anglo, African-American, or Latino.. the buzz and the energy is already sparked, with a passionate vision-casting by Dave Gibbons, and then “deep stuff” (to quote Jon Ro) from Q&A with Larry Crabb..

The Procession Photos

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Jun 092004

click here to see the photo album of The Procession of Ronald Reagan. the photos and pages are being loaded at this very moment. My favorite photo is here. I’m using Limon Photo Album, a freeware photo album generator to build this web-based album, excellent clean software design and output, and doesn’t require a web host with PHP scripting. [ *note: initially, some pages and photos are broken, due to FTP transfer breaking midstream :( finally at 8:34pm 6/10/04, all pages and photos are online- took using 3 bargain web servers.. lesson learned: with a new 5mx camera, I gotta get more web space..]