blogging frequency

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Dec 272003

for the astute readers here, you’ll notice that the date of the blog entries are not found in bold letters at the top of each entry, but relegated to the footer, in fine print.. this was by design, b/c I am probably clockin’ in an entry a bit less than once a week, and my thoughts are less time bound, and so I prefer to let them lay.. I was called on this recently, by a more frequent blogger.. and while some bloggers are much more religious about blogging daily, occasionally missing a day or two per week tops, I don’t have the 24/7 internet connectivity to blog more efficiently and more often, tho’ with my newest PDA+cell phone combo data device (as the Handspring Treo 600 is being touted as), I’m investigating alternative setups for me to blog without having to sit at my desktop PC..
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secret ingredient

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Dec 252003

recurring idea: it takes friendship — real relationship with people, not yes-men (or, yes-people, those who say yes to you all the time) to make a successful venture, be it non-profit or for-profit or whatever; excerpt from a branding case study: [Cantalupo] has the talent required to do this, so does Charlie Bell (COO) and Larry Light (CMO), they are a very tight team, good friends, and old timers in the industry, [which is] required to turn around such an enormous company… and had this idea reiterated, and thus reinforced, in conversation this week with a church planting coordinator.. that what’s made their budding network of churches as good as it is, in addition to the competencies and strategies required, is this secret ingredient of friendship..

holiday slowdown

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Dec 232003

on my travels, I’m more often watching the biography channel (since I don’t have cable at home), and caught a piece about how wrestling became rassling.. one of those rassling historians observed that wrestling gained its popularity through 2 pivotal indivs: Andre’ the Giant, and Hulk Hogan.. and how the big event of rassling brought people together to a common experience, to share a common story, and that this cosmic battle between good and evil, while the plot was often the same from one event to another, it was acted out by different actors.. so, many people are on this quest, to see this ritual, this reenactment, and they’re not finding it in churches.. amazing that such insight would come from a wrestling documentary (of all things)..

out here in Cali for 2 weeks, and if my experience resonates with yours, there’s a lot of down time in between the big extended family and friends events.. which would be great times for occasional conversations, lots of blog entries (if I had immediate 24/7 internet access), but maybe not quite enough to schedule meetups in person.. txt msg me on the home page

seeking pastorate

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Dec 202003

question >> I’m looking for a pastoral EM position in Northern California. Any ideas?

djchuang >> some of the challenges you might have is your geographical focus and theological particularities (based on our previous dialogue).. the newly redesigned website has many opportunities listings in the forum — you can check them through there, and also see listings at

clash of cultures

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Dec 142003

the clash of the titans is well underway online, Chuck Colson in one corner [re: the demise of postmodernistic relativism], and Brian McLaren in the other (in PDF format) [re: the emerging church's missionally engaging the prevailing culture].. or, read it in good ol’ HTML, Justin Baeder’s posted it in entirety (thanks Justin!)

my favorite counter-punch by Brian was parenthetically stated: “(Everyone knows how a good enemy is a fundraiser’s best friend.)”

I find myself often referring to the dialogical book, Church in Emerging Culture, twice in one day, yesterday, in fact, to 2 very different inquiries.. and it baffles me why this book has yet to generate more buzz as [what I think is] the watershed book of our times.. I’ll admit I have not yet read it cover to cover, but all the pages I’ve gleaned over thus far, speaks volumes, from the stronger voices arising out of the various streams of Christendom..

licensed goods

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Dec 122003

question>> do you have license for all tim keller?s stuff? just wondering

djchuang >> I don?t have a license for Keller?s stuff, I basically link to items I find freely available on the internet, and by most legal rulings, people are allowed to link (or even ?deep-link?) to content on other websites, until the content ?owner? says to cease or desist. :) And no one?s said that to me, yet..

disempowering language

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Dec 092003

maybe it’s the context that my life moves in, but it irks me often enough to notice announcements, or calls for volunteers or signups, where the phrase, “if you’re interested“, is added to the wording.. it’s such deflating, weakening language.. takes any lift out of the sails.. you don’t hear NetFlix or Starbucks or Coca-Cola or Brand X making their announcements with the little introductory “if you’re interested”.. you hear: buy! you want this! space is limited! hurry! act now! Just do it! It’s an active voice! If someone doesn’t want to do something, or isn’t interested, they can make their own decision.

lately, I’ve enjoyed several conversations to talk about ideas and possibilities and dreams with no boundaries.. it’s been so invigorating.. I’m starting to get the connection between ideas and the possibility of turning them into reality through possibly fleshing out a project, starting a business, joining a organization.. it’s the thrill of seeing an idea come into existence, more than the action-oriented doingness of it, that excites me.. it’s that creative process ex nihilo.. now with my technology and theology background, I’m missing a big piece of economic / financial feasibility, so my desire to see things happen or a new business startup has a big vulnerability b/c most of me doesn’t care about how much money it might make (as the typical businessman would be into making money), but for me, it’s seeing new business services come into being that gets my imaginative juices flowing.. and that’s about all I can say about them, lest my ideas get taken by somebody else :)