Jun 292003

Here in Dallas for a weekend wedding, and it was very much the event of the decade, bringing together a big extended family + 4 church pods from Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and Minnesota, some 400-500 people, biggest wedding reception I?ve ever attended, with video projected images so you could dimly see some of the actions on the big screen.. hilarious + fun family, lots of pastors in the mix + relationships that just go back a ways.. I got into a few good conversations, the biggest thrill was one of the Liquid guys that recognized me + we got to rendez-vous about the incredible spiritual actions down in Austin. They?ve sent a dozen guys to India this week to do a Christian rock band tour to share God?s love + shoot a documentary.. check in on the action daily, photos, blog, videos, and dynamics of what God can do with a band of young guys on fire with passion and gifts for the Kingdom..

back to the past

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Jun 272003

this weekend is a retro trip to Dallas [the occasion: my best man?s wedding, finally getting married after years of hangin? on to his idealistic 7-C?s checklist for a mate; perhaps, the event of the decade in his circles], where I spent 4.5 years of my life doing the seminary thing + met my lover, and to think that was 8 years ago.. I?ve come quite a ways from there in these few years, perhaps undergoing more changes and transformations than an average person goes through in a lifetime. The thing about the mythical average person is that s/he doesn?t change all that much over the course of 70+ years.

Most habits (and personality, they say) are formed before the age of 6, and the rest is the mere playing out of the cards one?s dealt, if that. I?m pre-imagining some of the people I might run into, and the catching up conversations we might have. A few of them may know of my web presence, but I?m anticipating most of them don?t. The average person, or is it only those in my circles, to which I don?t feel all that sense of belonging anyways [those social patterns are prob established early on too in one?s respective FOO< /a>], aren?t much on keeping up over long distance and use the convenience + wonders of internet technology. If they?d only read this blog.

Enjoyed some stimulating conversations + dinner with TakomaMama this week, she?s one of those hit-and-run bloggers, and I learned a new term: shrink me. If I could afford it, I?d love to sit in a psychologist/psychiatrist office [shrink?s] every week to talk + process. Many people don?t like that b/c of social stigma or not wanting to be analyzed or not liking to talk so deeply; well, I love it.

spring was washed out

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Jun 202003

having endured yet another rainy morning, tho? it cleared up nicely by late afternoon, we?ve had so much rain here in DC that Spring was washed away, and tomorrow inaugurates Summer 2003.. caught up with 2 ol? friends this week, good conversations, yet I find myself saying that this year has been largely routine, not as exciting as past years with things happening.. but this also includes my getting off of mind-altering medication, so I?m actually taking better care of myself in this routinely lifestyle, and overall doing well.. it doesn?t make for dramatic storytelling, and as much as I love watching stand-up comedians do their thing (saw Seinfeld?s documovie Comedian this week, loved it), I can?t do the delivery, work the crowd, and all that.. have to play with the cards I?m dealt. It?s a good hand, really, and I?m accepting it more and more, and God?s grace and his utter acceptance of me is working down to the core of my soul, with contributions from Tim Keller?s teachings.. I loved how he made the outrageous statement that ?the Bible is not mainly about giving us good examples of people who lived faithfully? (!!) [I?ll get exact wording off the tape + re-edit here] now that?s a comment you don?t hear from most pulpits..

for those of technically included, on the computer migration front, I?ve had to resort to FTP to transfer files from old PC to new PC.. great FTP software called Serv-U allows 30 days trial and free for personal use.. not as fast as file copy via Network Neighborhood, but sure beats CD burning or floppy swapping.. [so if you too hit a wall trying to get XP to talk to 98 over ethernet, this is a good migration technique.. I?ve re-run XP?s Network Setup twice, and still no neighborly connection..] ? and, this is my first entry using the new Blogger Pro..

networking XP and 98

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Jun 182003

finding it rather challenging to get my new Win XP computer to talk to my old Win 98 computer, got them all connected up via ethernet and all, but they don?t want to see each other in the ?hood.. so I?m doing some CD burning to get files transferred over.. computer upgrade so my boy Jeremiah can have a computer that can keep up with the latest software he uses for education, Lego games, and all that.. can?t believe they need so much MHz.. the ol? reimaged Pentium 133 (Toshiba Infinia 7130) wasn?t cutting it.. it?s going to take a few more days I think.. I have found that XP is very smart, 2 things I?ve plugged in gets automatically recognized..

thought about blogging this week, and how I?d probably need to schedule a time to make it happen more often or more regularly.. sporadic entries is okay for what I?m doing, but a most engaging blog I think would take at least an hour every day.. half of that time surfing the web, other half composing the thoughts, reflecting on it, and typing it up.. not that I edit my thoughts to write the words here, but it does take a few minutes to type it up.. a few secs before that to select the topics from all the thoughts a person has in a day..

Jun 182003

very nice step-by-step guide for churches to get their own web presence for a total of less than $50 for a year, without having to know HTML programming and all the technical stuff.. this is a must-read guide!

return of the CB

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Jun 132003

while sitting in traffic on the commute back from NC last weekend, I thought up another idea: wouldn?t it be great if cell phones stored profiles, and would flag others on the same cell tower with intersecting profiles? so as I?m approaching traffic, or see traffic piling up going the other way [coming up on I-85 near Henderson, the traffic was getting diverted to an exit b/c they closed down the highway, probably due to an accident], I can call someone up at random on my profile proximity list, and ask what?s going on, and also offer my own phone to give a friendly tip.. of course there?re many other uses for cell phone proximity profiles, cf. Japan got yet another way for matchmaking ..

Jun 092003

Starbucks? Drinks Simplified (kinda)
I finally found ?em – a whole slew of coffee drink ordering guides, just wasn?t able to land the right search term until today when I used latte lingo, and lo and behold, now you too can be an expert at knowing what to say to the barista when you want to order an espresso drink [other keywords I hope will Google will like: how to order coffee, how to order espresso drinks, espresso drinks guide, ordering at a coffee bar] and also, Get Down with the Coffee Lingo, A Seattle Lexicon: Espresso, World of Coffee Shop Lingo, Speak Javanese to your Barista