May 302003

A hearty welcome to Jenn and Ken to the dark side, er, to the wondrous world of blogging! It?s a great place to vent and rant, and hope you?ll have a great time with it!

The thing I?ve discovered over the years of blogging, oh, since 1999, is that most of the people I know in person in real life don?t care about my online life. (Maybe they don?t care about me either.) Unlike Rachel, who thought: I figured probably no-one except a few friends would check out my blog, and was ok with that. I figured starting a blog would be easier than keeping a journal, and definitely a good way of processing my thoughts and feelings about life.

The many online conversations and dialogue I?ve had with my virtual friends is invaluable and enjoyable to me, it allows me to expand my circles of relationships beyond my geographical and physical constraints. That?s a beautiful thing. And when I get to travel, I?ll try to rendez-vous and actually meet them.


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May 292003

incredible free service that monitors a web page for changes, and notifies you by email.. instead of checking your favorite blog every day or use some kind of a RSS syndicating reader thingy, have this web site do the work for you! Also useful for noting when something changes on a site that?s getting ready to announce something new, or get alerted when a redesign was implemented, uses are endless.. also provides code for webmasters to provide this service to users


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May 282003

Technorati: Web Services for bloggers.
finds out what bloggers are linking to – so if they?re talking about you, it means you?re popular, with bloggers anyways, and you might be spoken of positively or negatively, but at least they?re talking about you.. better than being ignored, right?

May 262003

i?ve been on a tangential spiritual path, and discovering the separatistic great wall of the churched and unchurched.. having vested over a decade past in typical contemporaryish genericized church (many formed by the same 2 sources of Willow and Saddleback [btw, Rick is much more friendly]), it?s been refreshing to discover fuller dimensions of life outside of those constraints.. so much church life is structured thus to be life consuming [the perpetual recruiting of volunteers to serve the inexhaustible needs of church members and sometimes even community members] rather than life inspiring, that would launch people into doing greater meaningful things in life and society.. as Jordon observed, ?I was really struck by how much more I enjoy the blogs outside the church. They seem to be full of so much more? well? life and joy.?

To be fair, or, to give a bigger picture, there are boring uninteresting people inside of church as there are outside, or shall I say it this way, people are people, whether spiritually constrained or free spirited normal people, many (most?) people live with the ebb and flow of marketing themes, societal influences, natural desires and instincts.. people are just human beings in the real world + there is a matrix..

death to seminaries

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May 242003

swanger opened his blog entry with: ?I think the institution of the seminary is fundamentally flawed. Seminaries must be destroyed for Christianity to flourish.? (tho? one should read the entire entry to understand its context)

this parallels a thought I?ve had about what seminaries train people for, mostly preaching and teaching skills and content, for cognitive information transfer, but when I look at the primary goal of making disciples, spiritual formation, or better, life transformation, it happens at a heart-and-relational level, that knowledge and information alone is unable to touch nor change nor grow.. so much of the construct of modern Christianity is built on a scholastic and academic model, and perpetuated by many (most?) seminaries, that spiritual maturity looks more like someone who has answers, rather than one who loves people well because of a love for God.. lots of verbiage hone in about making disciples or life change or loving well, and to translate that into real everyday life language, it?s really about friendship, friends who can be transparent and honest and spiritual with one another, and that is how our hearts can change and grow.. it?s no wonder that polls and surveys repeatedly rate ?friends? as the people who are trusted the most, not authority figures.. and, to know what a church really believes, don?t interview the pastor? talk with the average person in the pew.. then you?ll really get a rude awakening to what a church (which consists of its people) believes and lives and perpetuates as its legacy..

it’s Ruben!

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May 212003

congratulations to Ruben, the new American Idol! first time I?ve watched the show, after hearing quite the buzz, most fascinating is the families that gather around to watch it, and wanting it to count as family time.. sorta like going to a movie and counting it a date.. i?m not a talker during tv shows or movies, so for me watching a tv show or movie with people isn?t all that (cf. ?saving a movie? to watch with someone).. having said that, I do enjoy being with people when I watch something, but then again, I just enjoy being with people.. and of course, is all jammed up with traffic, so I can?t get to the site to take a look at all the hoopla.. if you?re tuning in to read something more pensive, thought provoking, and/or controversial, I don?t have an intense thought at the moment.. from private conversations I?m having lately, discovering that I?m somewhat of a ?controversial? figure, though on the whole spectrum of things, nothing that?ll get that major press coverage, expose?s, or excommunication..