WiFi disconnect

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Apr 272003

hailing from Seattle for this blog entry.. came out via transfer point in Denver – first time I’ve touched ground there.. but it was a very short moment, and the banners announcing their wireless internet access just outside of the gate as I deplaned (and briefly waited for my replane), I had like 15 minutes to get online and check it out.. first a brief pit stop, then like 5 minutes went by waiting for Windows to boot up, the Link light lit a happy green, and launching my MSIE for the grand moment.. a big welcome to a.. [yet another] paid wireless internet access! UGH!

then this morning, discovered the Best Western I’m staying at [with a great view of the Space Needle] has high-speed wireless internet (WiFi) access too, I couldn’t believe my eyes, the Link light on my wireless card was green, Net Stumbler showed a definite signal, but MSIE took a coupla a tries to connect up.. and then, a big welcome to another(!) paid service.. ppppfffft. Thus I’m using dial-up. 56k like the old days.

so many different WiFi brands: T-Mobile at Starbucks [where I first WiFi'd, you never forget your first time..], AT&T at Denver Airport, whatever-brand here at the hotel, each charging its own rates and monthly plans. Somebody with deep pockets might pony up, but if they’d really want to create the revolution, they need to talk to each other and consolidate.. a number of dial-up internet companies eventually shared their modem pools, making the subscribers to each respective customer happy, and every provider can boast of their larger service availability.. how long will they hold out? even ATM’s have worked out their alliances, and they’re dealing with cold hard cash..

pre-trip insomnia

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Apr 262003

i’ll be on a cross-country plane trip in a few hours, and didn’t get as much sleep as I’d hoped, as in I wish I coulda slept right up to when I had to get up to leave, which was the ungodly hour of 4am to catch a 7am flight out of BWI, b/c the shuttle service is probably using me as the starting point, and will make a few more stops (up to 7) along the way en route.. where I’ll be is the city [formerly?] known as the epicenter of postmodernism, namely, Seattle.. now that the streams of change have flowed all over and then some, maybe some would argue the epicenter is now Kansas City. :) you might ask what’ll I be doing out there? it’s categorically a business trip, some networking with other people who work in foundations, 1 of my 2 jobs; and as an added bonus, to visit with a good friend too.. looking forward to many combustible conversations and dialogue..

Apr 252003

Rodney Clapp?s how firm a foundation : can evangelicals be nonfoundationalists? makes a good case for being a bona fide follower of Christ and not having to subscribe to absolute epistemological certainty..

Foundationalism, modeling its logic on mathematics and striving for an analogous kind of precision and certainty, led philosophers, theologians, and others to regard anything less as bogus knowledge. But the goal was set too high, or, to say it better, was of the wrong sort. Allow for different logics and you immediately achieve possibilities other than absolute objectivism and rank relativism.?

And so might evangelicals move from decontextualized propositions to traditioned, storied truths; from absolute certainty to humble confidence; from mathematical purity to the rich, if less predictable, world of relational trust; from detached objectivist epistemology to engaged participative epistemology; from control of the data to respect of the other in all its created variety; from individualist knowing to communal knowing; and from once-for-all rational justification to the ongoing pilgrimage of testimony.


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Apr 242003

“bringing fun, friendship, health, and joy of service back into daily life” – sounds like something along the lines of wellness, rehab, and life coaching

Pop-Up Stopper

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Apr 232003

Pop-Up Stopper
blocks / stops pop-up ad windows from popping-up, works for Internet Explorer and Netscape – this version is free for personal use. Paid version available for extra features; plus a number of ISPs are offering Panicware’s other versions of Pop-Up Stopper.. the free version runs in the system tray, while others are integrated into web browser

Apr 222003

youth culture being music-driven and all, here?s a hot freebie I just got in my emailbox::

NSOUL Records has been leading he way in evangelizing Youth Culture for the past 9 years. With artists like Nitro Praise, Prodigal Sons, Lakita, and Gina our message to reach youth for christ has been clear. We are taking a step further and asking to partner with you, the church leader, to utilize the resources here at NSOUL to empower your ministry outreach.

NSOUL Records continues giving away thousands of FREE Cassettes for ministry use. They include the best in CCM, rock, ska, Dance, hip hop, alterative styles of music. These brand new cassettes are intended for you to use as ministry tools to reach the youth of your area. We want you to have them.

We are giving away a box of 25 cassettes for free. In fact, you can order as many boxes as you can use. You just pay the cost of shipping and handling. Let?s partner to get this music into the hands of people who need to hear it the most! Tax ID number is not necessary but helpful to us.

To get yours before they are gone, web over to http://www.nsoul.com/store/index.cfm?ItemNum=166

ideas happen

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Apr 212003

I love ideas, and ideashappen.com is a great (corporate sponsored) contest for rewarding great ideas.. bummer that it’s only for 18-29 year olds. Will tune in to hear their pitches, that’s for sure.. heard a piece on NPR on the drive time home yesterday, about another contest in a B-school down in NC, where they do a 2-minute entrepeneural pitch in an elevator.. and the winner gets bragging rights [rather than a $25k prize].. as an afterthought, I didn’t think there were buildings tall enough down there for a 2-minute elevator ride..