mixing bowl delay

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Nov 292002

I’m in Raleigh (again) this weekend, after a tedious drive down from metro DC, the most tiring part being from Tysons to Springfield taking over an hour (!).. and it wasn’t even rubbernecking delay, just a ripple congestion merge kind of thing at the mixing bowl.. the memorableness of this time of year is that it was 11 years ago that I met Rachelle on a road trip to Houston, and since then becoming friends, then married, and now with a boy Jeremiah.. together intimately for over 7 years now. My greatest thing on this side of heaven for which I’m thankful.

Nov 272002

thoughts for this Thanksgiving- I’m most grateful for the life I can enjoy with my wife and son, they’ve been most enjoyable to be with this year, and I’ve also had a good year of work and life rhythms, coming off a rough year last year. All thanks and glory to God for making all of life possible. While there is effort on my part to participate actively in life, it is good to acknowledge the giver of life, from where the breath of life actually comes. That’s why it is important to know God, to give thanks to God, to worship God.

For those who question the existence of God and such, I think their honesty is commendable; but me thinks the proof is not finding compelling coercive evidence, it is in the axiomatic belief that God is the first mover and first cause, beyond evidence nor proof either way.

can you handle truth?

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Nov 252002

I pretty much disagree with this comment: “People want to know you’re human, but not much more.” quote from an article about transparent ministers in the Fall 2002 issue of Leadership; note the perspective about guarded transparency is (1) from an older generation of pastors, (2) the quote is from a pastor of Scandinavian background and/or context [a "successful" one at that, but in a context that doesn't value total transparency].. perhaps another quote, from Jack Nicholson, is an apt response, to those who don’t want to know or refuse to make known: “You can’t handle the truth.” :)


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Nov 232002

the organically shaped Legos of 21c, mentioned in Wired magazine