Sep 292002

since beginning my spiritual journey over a decade and a half ago, and more intently over the past few years, I’ve come to realize the fine taste I have for how people do church, and I’m one of the few who enjoys a wide variety of worship expressions (I’ve heard it said that most people can only ‘worship’ in a particular packaging), to the degree that I’m a church connoisseur, and now have the freedom to be churching-at-large.. it’s my observation that with the megachurch movement (paralleling the Walmart phenomena in retailing), people attend church for two things: (1) programming, and (2) people.

On the programming side, people are more consumer minded, and look for the preaching and music that will be most comfortable or engaging to them, and each person has certain criteria of how they best hear God, or how they don’t want to hear God. While how people choose church rest on many factors, the most popular reasons are not theological nor style. It comes down to peripheral issues of parking, music, low expectations of the attender, and children’s program. What a tragic commentary on people’s lack of faith engagement..

On the people side, churches are very much social institutions, with each having a particularly ethos defined by the way a given local church community relates to each other.. if you fit their social strata, then you’re welcome.. if you don’t, then they make it obliquely clear that you’re not welcome — unintentional as it may, it takes intentionality to build relationships. Most churches appoint the smiley-face welcoming-greeters, but the ethos is just plain missing from, b/c the social factors and cliques are already in place. Add to that, some people are very choosy about who they relate with, for whatever excuse/reason.

next weekend I will be

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Sep 282002

next weekend I will be in the Bay area, Monterey to be specific.. it was a crazy gig, b/c the original plans fell through due to last minute health-related cancellations, but still left holding this hotel contract. On an improvised idea, we’ve decided to revamp the program into a whole different deal, and so that’s what I’ve been busy with the past 2 weeks, and will be busy with the next week.. it’ll be fun.

Sep 242002

with mobility freedom comes many choices; recent conversation and ponderings comes to where ought I live, should I stay or should I go, as the song goes.. with as many as 1 in 5 Americans moving every year, there are many people on the move.. when should I make my next move? Sometimes people move because of a new job opportunity, which would be the most compelling, but what of other reasons? Sure some move for family reason, or weather/climate, avoiding allergies, or cost of living, or proximity to recreation/entertainment, but what about making a move for a church? Not because of vocational reason to work on a church staff, leadership, or active ministry, but just a move to attend a particular church? As much as a church connoisseur as I am, I don’t think it’s a compelling reason to move for attending a particular church.. this would seem too consumeristic.

it has been a flurry

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Sep 202002

it has been a flurry of activities the past few days for me, to improvise and adapt the binding contract at a hotel for an event that is now postponed due to last-minute cancellations by participants, and to turn it into a different programming with a whole new crew of invitees.. on the one hand a lot of fun, b/c I love networking, and making this small world just that, but the negotiations part to get a little more leeway in how much I can pull together was making my head spin.. imagine that! i speak thus obliquely since i work with a somewhat sensitive audience who may want to keep a low profile, so don’t poke around too much, even tho’ i do reveal quite a bit here on this web site about myself. If you know me personally, you might fire off an email to me and I’ll see how much more we can talk about, and if I tell you, I can’t shoot you, b/c I don’t know how to handle firearms, yet.. have a friend who’s supposed to take me to the firing range one of these days, but his company has been chaotic for months now, most recently laying off something like 50% of the staff incl. CEO.. corporate craziness all over, but this one didn’t make the headlines.

Sep 142002

this week I’ve been needing more sleep than the past few, sorta a cyclical thing for me.. have had some new emails from people this week, who’ve been finding my web site through a variety of means (and now that I have a new stats tracker, I have a better sense of how people find this site, and what they’re interested in).. and beginning to have some good dialogue about life and spirituality.. conversation is LIFE for me.

according to the 10 lenses preference indicator, my top 3 prefs (on a scale of 15) are: Trascendent (13), Meritocratist (13), Colorblind (10)

came across this fascinating article while surfing: even a 12-year old knows porn is boring..