Jul 282002

hailing from Philadelphia this weekend.. every time I go to Pennsylvania, I make circles and detours to get to where I want to go; the roads are so confusing, distorted, and poorly labeled (or no signage at all), and perpetually under construction at the most crucial locations it seems.. but I’m feeling good that I can navigate Central City Philly now, having spent several hours navigating around there… and got to South Philly for the original Philly Cheesteak. Quite a treat :)

Recent conversation about calling: after some dialogue about it, I came to recognize that I have an untraditional view of calling, and believe that a person can do whatever vocation, even Christian ministry, without a specific special calling; but rather, if a person is gifted appropriately, has a motivated interest, and confirmed and affirmed by others, s/he can do the work of ministry.. my distinction about the importance of calling is this: that if God does call someone to do something specific, then that person had better do it.. but otherwise, the person has freedom to do freely.

Co-worker story: (one who shall remain nameless) used dishwashing detergent in the dishwasher, and we had gobs of suds all over the office kitchen floor!! Quite the site to behold.. didn’t have a digital camera to capture the moment to share with you, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Jul 262002

Sobering comment from George Barna: “The strategy was flawed because it had an assumption. The assumption was that the people in leadership are actually leaders. [I thought] all I need to do is give them the right information and they can draw the right conclusions?.Most people who are in positions of leadership in local churches aren’t leaders. They’re great people, but they’re not really leaders.”

I’m thinking about a way that I can do what I like to do and do well, to change the way most churches are done, which is to say same-old same-old, and fortress-mentality; and to spotlight the ones that are progressive, innovative, creative, and inspiring and freeing people to their God-created potential.. albeit not the model planner, it’d be more than difficult for me to pull it off, but if I can collaborate with some pragmatic types, we might see a revolution in my time..

Jul 172002

My brains are still largely mush, it’s been slow getting revved up to my usual multitasking pace of life, which feels like a letdown and a drag.

Recently came across two quotes that I found very bothersome: one, a comment from a biographer, who said that one can’t reveal too much of the real inside story because it would erode the confidence of the reader. If anything can and could inspire people, it is the real story of a person’s growth, struggles, and courage, the raw humanity that shows those of us without a published biography how life can be, and that is what will inspire real confidence.

The other, about how Koreans perceive a “show of emotion as a weakness that indicates I have no control over myself.” Ludicrous. What kind of torment on the heart and soul of humanity if emotions were to be suppressed without necessary expression? The most human person who ever lived (and is still alive), is Jesus Christ, and he wept! (John 11:35) He did not hold back emotion in some sort of effort to control himself. It’s good to show emotions and feelings; life calls for it. To be human is to emote.

Now back here at home,

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Jul 152002

Now back here at home, after 2 weeks of being away.. 10 days overseas in England (half in Jersey, half in London), and 2 days this past weekend in Raleigh/Durham, NC, drove down to visit with some ol’ Dallas friends in the area for surgery at Duke.. so encouraging to see them, and hope we were an encouragement to them.. almost coulda hit the ground running after landing Friday night at Dulles Airport, but thought it better to get a night rest before driving down to NC; and then drove back Sunday night..

Enjoyed a nice birthday dinner at Blue Elephant London, by candlelight with wife Rachelle, very nice time and great food.. one of my overall impression of having spent time in England is the slower pace of life there, even tho’ it is the largest city in Europe, it wasn’t as efficiency driven as metro DC here, and perhaps add on top of that me being on vacation, and I was not ambitious in doing all the touristy things.. spent a good deal of time on public transit actually.. so now turning 36, and slowing down for a spell, it’s been good ambiance to be reflective about what to do with my 2nd half of life.. my non-career dilemma is still with me, and one hopeful idea is that this intentional slowdown of the past weeks will help me pace myself better as I re-engage life here..

Jul 122002

Internet access isn’t as readily available as I’d like (and perhaps not as much as some others would like either) here in London, and thus I’ve not been able to record my reflections here as often as I’d have liked.. now having been here outside of the US for going on 10 days, my brain activities have been slowed b/c of a lack of dialogue and personal interaction.. I avoided books and minimized news media, so I could immerse myself into ethos of being here in London, tho’ I cannot say that I’ve gotten into the everyday life of the locals here; found myself hesitant to initiate conversations as my thoughts had slowed to a crawl.. the best of this is the days of rest for my personhood, and that is a good thing. Oh, and with internet dial-up being timed and costs on a per minute basis, i’ll sign off here and add some reflections in retrospect (rather than live) upon my return to home.