a best find: T’s Boba

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Apr 272002

a best find: T’s Boba at T’s Place, next to Peter’s Place located at 23816 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance, CA. Wow, this place has the biggest spread of mixed tea drinks I’ve ever seen (not that I’m the most experienced), with standard boba tea, but even better, pictures and samples, personalized and customized drinks, small tapioca balls combined with large bobas, milk icys that rival Jamba Juice (didn’t think that was possible!).. join the chant now- bubble tea, bubble tea, bubble tea.. those of you in the Southern Cal area, make your pilgrimage there! And if you ask nicely and mention my web site, you might get an extra stamp on your frequent drinker card! :)

dropped in at the Ev Covenant regional conference hosted at Newsong, hottest Asian worship band sound I’ve heard to date, and great inspiration from Leonard Sweet, again the master of futuring, imaging, metaphors..

Apr 252002

sitting here in So.Cal. now, out here for a friend’s wedding and a small vacation since I’m on the other coast.. we were welcomed with nice weather (as usual) and a good friend.. we talked a bit about ‘shop’, and when it comes down to it, people are people, regardless of leadership title or position or net worth.. at least for me, it is these people that i relate with readily and freely. I thank God for real people like this. Will prob rendez-vous with a few others over the course of this extended weekend, but am trying to keep it limited so i force myself to slow down, relax, and rest on this vacation time.. my tendency of course is to get online, do things here on my web site, or other web sites, or other work or semi-work related stuff. I don’t think of myself as a workaholic, just that there is a big list of items to do, and I have to keep up with it when I can..

Apr 252002

Question> Hm. You have time to dole out advice on _my_ (non-existent) “love life”? The guy I like just went off to join the army, and I’m wondering if there is any hope for me now. There’s more to the story.

djchuang>> I don’t dole out advice on “love life”, but I will dialogue about my thoughts about relationships :) I’m sure there’s a lot more to your own story, every one has a story, and there’s always more to tell. I suppose it’s harder being a woman, if you’re in a context that subscribes to the idea of “man has to initiate”. :( I wish you well!

Making a stop here in

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Apr 222002

Making a stop here in Blacksburg VA en route to returning to metro DC.. lots of changes here since I was Virginia Tech 15 years ago.. whole slew of iMac terminals here at the library, so I can make this blogger entry :)

Apr 212002

Down here in Atlanta, got in late last night after 2 big traffic jams on I-85 on the way down.. to get a break from the first one, went to catch a movie at the Mall of Georgia: A Beautiful Mind. The movie was excellent, and thought provoking, which fits this journal’s interest, and it hit close to home for me, to realize that the mind can play games with oneself, and for both the movie character and real life John Nash, he was delusional and seeing people who weren’t really there. It triggered for me the reason I don’t like being alone, b/c what happens when I’m alone is that my mind accelerates with overwhelming thoughts at times, and so I work better in an opening setting, be it a library or local coffee shop, where there’s people around. It gives me much sympathy for the many who have mental conditions, and not to spiritualize their real struggles of the mind.

What a PARTY!

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Apr 202002

What a PARTY! last night at Bridgeway‘s 10th Anniversary- now there’s a group of people who have fun and enjoy being together, and _intentionally_ building bridges over the ethnic divide. Not gonna happen by accident. Pres of Practical Bible College described a leader as one who has vision (knowing where to go and the next step to get there), character, and courage (ability to make decisions). DA described it as a community where black and white have a lot more work to do (in terms of reconciliation) and they’re like the bookends, so the others (Latinos, Asians) will come in due time.. plus, instead of listening to a consultant’s comment that when different people come together, one of their cultures has to die, DA had the courage to say (and do it), let’s have both our cultures die so we can build a new home together. And by the grace of God, that’s happening at Bridgeway. I venture to say (along with several others) that this is a church that’ll be in the spotlight for years to come.. and to top it off, on the drive into Inner Harbor, we saw a beautiful rainbow overlooking the scene, the very metaphor that DA uses when speaking of the beauty of a multicultural community.

This weekend, a road trip to Atlanta, for an art show at which my wife Rachelle’s art is being displayed. Opening reception is on Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm.