Jan 302002

had an empowering time sitting under the teaching of Dr. Tim Keller the past few days, he was in town for the Ko-Am EM Pastors Conference hosted by the PCA denomination.. he articulated such a clear picture and theology for planting churches in multicultural America, particularly in cities, to be a most compelling witness to the local community of the Gospel’s power to bring people together and to change lives.. some of his thoughts I had attempted to say for years, but I am not as articulate or compelling as he is, nor have the platform and gifting to speak as he does.. as an aside, if the Gospel truly is for all peoples, then the church has to be for all peoples, and it is when people can see it tangibly in one place that all people can get along genuinely and deeply, like it was in Acts 2, that many people will be converted..


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Jan 272002

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Today is a holiday

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Jan 212002

Today is a holiday, likely obscured for a majority of the population, but actually very significant for any in the minority non-Anglo ethnicities.. that today celebrates the birth of a man who has provided a big breakthrough for the potential full participation of minorities in various aspects of American society.. Asian American pastor Pastor Ken Fong boldly addresses this issue in the church context.. the reasons for racial segregation, and its being most pronounced on 11am Sunday mornings are lame excuses of social or cultural preferences.. the Gospel gives us the power to transcend that, to serve and commune with those who are different from ourselves..

Jan 152002

The most powerful spiritual transformation is unconditional love in a strong friendship, according to Tim Keller (pastor of Redeemer @ NYC).. one has to like and enjoy people to shepherd and lead them as a spiritual leader.. for me, as an advocate of transparent open-book communication, that transparency begets transparency, and builds relationships (and that’s why i have this journal here), here’s some truths that point to the connection between communication and relationships, excerpt from http://com.pp.asu.edu/classes/jerryb/axiomstheorems.html ::

Axioms from Berger and Calabrese (1975). Some explorations in initial interaction and beyond: Toward a developmental theory of interpersonal communication. Human Communication Research, 1, 99-113.

Axiom 1: Given the high level of uncertainty present at the onset of the entry phase, as the amount of verbal communication between strangers increases, the level of uncertainty for each interactant in the relationship will decrease. As uncertainty is further reduced, the amount of verbal communication will increase.

Axiom 2: As nonverbal affiilative expressiveness increases, uncertainty levels will decrease in an initial interaction situation In addition, decreases in uncertainty level will cause increases in nonverbal affiliative expressiveness.

Axiom 3: High levels of uncertainty casue increases in information seeking behavior. As uncertainty levels decline, information seeking behavior decreases.

Axiom 4: High levels of uncertainty in a relationship cause decreases in the intimacy level of communication content. Low levels of uncertainty produce high levels of intimacy.

Axiom 5: High levels of uncertainty produce high rates of reciprocity. Low levels of uncertainty produce low reciprocity rates.

Axiom 6: Similarities between person reduce uncertainty, while dissimilarities produce increases in uncertainty.

Axiom 7: Increases in uncertainty level produce decreases in liking: decreases in uncertainty level produce increases in liking.