for the few of you

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Oct 272001

for the few of you who drop by for the occasional visit, i thought i’d jot down a few thoughts, a la stream of consciousness.. the thing about life is that we’re each responsible for our own decisions, choices, actions, and inactions.. regardless of our feelings or history or background or circumstances, it is still possible to choose to do the right thing, or to do a good thing.. what makes it difficult is when doing the right and good thing still doesn’t produce a sense of accomplishment or satisfaction, and i’d suppose to be that disconnected from the heart and good feelings is rather disconcerting, disheartening, and even disturbing (hey, an alliteration!).. life is a good thing, a great gift from God, and we experience the whole spectrum of things, some more than others.. I recently saw part of the movie “City of Angels” with Nicolas Cage (my favorite actor), and how his character became human and even enjoyed bleeding and pain- yes, all a part of being alive..

Oct 172001

Yesterday I started on new medication, and my thinking and feeling are considerably normal now. It’s good to be back. Perhaps I’ll describe the medical terminology in a future entry. The social stigma of mental illnesses can be too much to bear for some readers. _Excerpt_:
Culturally, most Chinese tend to hide their feelings in comparison to their western counterparts. Indeed, there is a famous Chinese saying which said that “family shame should be kept inside the house.” The loss of face is important to many Chinese. It is a social phenomenon that mental illness is a shame. This ill-conceived notion has to do with their ignorance of “mental illness.” Read more [cached]

overcoming lust

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Oct 172001

Question> I just can’t seem to get out of the spin of sin-confess-sin (lust).I’ve seen some growth/victory through confronting the issue over the past 6 months, but how can I be freed from sliding back into acting out physically?

djchuang>> Lust is one of the sins that is common for almost all homo sapien of the male gender (and some of the female gender, but in a different way). It is a part of our humanity to have sexual desire — so one distinction to make in your heart and mind is the difference between holy desire vs. sinful lust. If you’re a single person, it is a matter of self-control and taking the steps that work for you to avoid temptations. But my own opinion is that the strongest help in dealing with this is to develop strong male peer relationships of transparent vulnerability and accountability. And when the time is right in the context of marriage, you can enjoy sexual pleasure and fulfill your desires then.

Oct 152001

What are the 7 habits of people who love life?
1 Life is sacred. Become intoxicated with the world around me.
2 Growth is a Journey. Affirm that my success doesn’t require that I arrive.
3 Learn to want what I already hold.
4 Give no heed to public opinion.
5 Practice the art of doing nothing?be embraced by moments of grace.
6 Allow the child in me a wide berth?understand that laughter is prayer.
7 Delight in my friends.
– from Terry Hershey