Dec 162000

being differentiated.. to be settled enough in one’s own identity gives a lot more mileage for relational energy and satisfaction than to mope around or using other tactics to surface the issues and feeling the dissatisfaction of how a relationship is not going, be it too shallow or disengaging.. to look at Jesus’ wisdom, to love your neighbor as yourself, does presuppose and assume the individual’s innate ability to care for oneself.. for the people that do not care for themselves, and indulge in expensive and/or destructive habits, that’s not much more than sabotage and an endless spiral

passion vs. longing

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Dec 012000

passion vs. longing.. my thought recently hone in on this comparison and contrast, as I’m sorting through my own thoughts and desires… it’s mostly been recently that i’ve entertained the question of what I want.. for the most part of my life, it’s been a matter of being a responsible person, not so much dutiful or responsible, but doing things that were my responsibility, and for many parts of it, playing safe with decisions and commitments and such.. where does one find the courage and boldness to do things, if not from within
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