Nov 252000

Thanksgiving weekend brings family together for a big meal (ours was at a new Chinese buffet place at Fairfax Circle), lots of shopping congestion (I stayed home to hang out with my son), and maybe a few more hits on the web site (more leisure time for those on break from school).. this coming week I’ll be starting a new job, and ending my current one; still doing web development, and now onto a position that will [hopefully] give me more room to explore and develop the potential of the Internet, beyond a publishing or broadcasting tool, but more of an interactive and collaborative tool.. for me, things are mostly stable, and i’ll check in here with ya when something else exciting or extraordinary happens :)

live without secrets

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Nov 092000

“live as if there were no secrets” was a quote I heard on the radio, talkin’ about how we should live, to avoid sin, to have skeleton in the closet; I’d radicalize it and say “live with no secrets”, along with my open book concept, not so much to broadcast my life and thoughts (cf. Truman Show or reality-tv), but to live in the open, throw away the masks, stop the maneuvering, and be all there.. for too long (and it’s even a tendency that creeps back too often), i’ve lived unsure of myself and tentative in my actions.. it’s time to let live, to learn from the mistakes while moving, take steps, make plans, and do something.. life is too short to sit around waiting for a green light.. the light is green, the sky is blue, pursue the good dream for the glory of God.

slightly enhanced look

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Nov 052000

checking the logs, I see that there are a few of you faithfuls out there who read my entries here, so I thought I’d be nice and redecorate a little here, and hope you like the slightly enhanced look.. if you don’t notice anything different, that means you have a certain font and color scheme hard-coded into your browser, and I can’t do nothing about that :) i’ve been under the weather the past week, I thought it was bronchitis, but the doctor (who I went to see on Friday) said it was a flu, and put me on these once-a-day antibiotics (usually I get the three-a-day’s), and it hasn’t been until tonight that i’m feeling better, and not as worn and tired as I’ve been all week.. not much pensivity in this entry; I did put in my absentee ballot in the mail on Thursday, b/c I will be at a conference Monday to Wednesday.. should be learning some good online tips there….