Oct 152000

my life has been quite adventurous lately, and what I’m able to share is this, in a moment of clarity, perhaps insight, in the waking minutes of this morning, I’m able to articulate now the strong preference I have for self-disclosure, rather than self-protection.. implications and repercussions are this: (1) you get to read some of my painfully personal thoughts in this online journal; (2) I take in some very different and unorthodox assumptions in the way I communicate and relate and work with others, even at times surprising others in a maladaptive way :) [new word I learned recently]; (3) makes it very hard for me to work freely and comfortably in a traditionally-influenced Asian setting.. I could write tomes on why I have chosen to bias myself in this intensely engaging way, but I won’t bore you with the details.. the oversimplified way to say it is this: why hide when you can share, life is too short for shallow small talk all the time

oblique developments

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Oct 052000

tons of things are happening in my life recently, so much that I’ve not been able to login here to keep you readers updated.. when I get into that kind of roll, i do still check my email, so if you’d like to make sure i’m okay, or share what’s on your heart, send a quickie over email … i hate to be oblique, because the main things are still under development, but there are many opportunities on the horizon and the frontier, and i’m venturing forth like i’ve never done before.. three ventures to be exact.. life does get exciting when one can engage it full speed ahead and in totality.. no more holding back, it’s an ongoing outgrowth of my personal open book initiative, nothing to hide, be real, be transparent, open and honest.. that’s what i always say..