Sep 052000

returned from a weekend retreat to WV, with my church, and put pictures and messages online today.. it was a nice place, a nice time, to hang out with some people, and get out of traffic.. we heard some very transparent stories in the conversations (new term for sermons) from our guest speaker, and that was very refreshing.. there seems to be a growing honesty and openness from speakers recently, even those that come from theologically conservative institutions.. and I like that.. and on the way there, we got to enjoy some good local cuisine around Winchester VA, at Pack’s Frozen Custard and Anthony’s Pizza IV.. delicious!! recently came across some very insightful and articulate articles by Dr. Luke Kim about Korean culture, titled Psychology of Korean Culture, hosted on (but you can’t find it using their search engine; so I’m making the link here), and it is perhaps the most concise explanation of Korean culture (which spills over into understanding East Asian cultures), b/c you’re not going to get an Asian person to sit down with you and explain how they think and feel about things.. now these articles may not apply to everyone equally, but they are helpful to understand some of the traditional values and thinking that even affect the 2nd generation..