love well

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Aug 132000

To be loved well is perhaps the strongest of desires, and to receive it is to be empowered for everything.. to live courageously and completely.. but to not have this fullness, as seem prevalent in our world throughout, even in the context of moralistic Christian religion, is to live a slow deadness of existence.. some really heavy thoughts.. the following is a glimpse of how it could be right here and right now: Mars Hill Graduate School trains people to love life… their own life, the life of others and the life of God. The big idea is to glorify God by living life abundantly. This becomes an invitation for others to do the same. To love life and live abundantly, one must be engaged in authentic relationship. To be engaged in relationship, one must understand the Scriptures, the human soul and today’s culture. To this end, learning to “read” is fundamental to every aspect of our training model. We teach our students to “read” three texts… the Bible, the human soul and today’s culture. We seek students who want to engage the “voices” of culture as expressed in philosophy, literature, the arts and human relationships. Using the secular for the sake of the sacred requires careful thought and a deeper openness. The apostle Paul demonstrated the importance of reading his culture in his sermon on Mars Hill (Acts 17).