brain mush

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Mar 212000

there is so much happening all around now.. just have to stay strong in faith even tho’ i don’t feel like it right now.. being drained and brain turned to mush, i still have to press on and persevere.. i don’t like not having the heartfelt nurture i want to have to get back to “normal”, but i don’t seem to have many choices.. i’m still going on with a full-plate of 2 part-time jobs, family life, ministry life, and preparing for a mission trip half way around the world in mid-May.. and as you can see from the timestamp, I’m up in the middle of an unreal hour.. have been up a while, playing chess online, if you’re a chess player, email me, maybe we can play some time.. comin’ off a weekend that shut me down (or it can be said, i chose to shut down), and now playing chess, it seems unfair that i still have to go strong regardless of how i feel.. the saying goes that the best defense is a strong offense.. and tho’ i don’t like that saying, that seems to be the challenge of faith for me.

Mar 052000

by a gracious turn of events, God has been miraculously and powerfully in my church, and in some of my key relationships.. recently I read a quote that really resonated with my soul: Life in Christ is all about relationships, with God, with each other, and with myself. With the latest things going on, life’s adventures continue.. my church was featured in a Washington Post article, and God is providing various ways of confirmation as we hit a time of transition this month.. and if you were here, you can see for yourself what else is happening.