Jan 302000

personal struggles are a part of life, and I’m honest enough to admit them.. those that don’t have any are only pretending. this is not to say that “all of life is suffering”, but that we can be honest with the tough times and the good times, and that the the goal of life is not to pretend we have no desires nor to avoid suffering. The Word in Romans 5 came to mind, that suffering produces perseverance. And character. And hope. My own tendency, and perhaps yours, is to find relief when faced with tough times, rather than allow the opportunity to be a place for learning perseverance and producing character. In the tough time, I want to relieve myself, find something that brings short-term temporary pleasure, which in effect only creates guilt and more dissatisfaction. Resist temptation, God help us all.

more than prayer

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Jan 212000

People have been taught and heard that prayer is the most important thing and essential for the life of the Christian, as it expresses dependence upon God, and is sometimes overstated as being as important as breathing.. so we need to pray, we must pray, we need to pray often, we have to pray about everything.. but is it fair to say that all of life is about prayer? There are other obviously essential elements of life such as eating, sleeping, and working. The spiritual life is not isolated and separate from the whole of life, but in fact should and must permeate every aspect of life. All of life is spiritual. So how much prayer is enough? Prayer measured in time is probably never enough. But prayer as a lifestyle, I’d like to suggest, is being mindful and heartful of God’s presence whereever and whenever we are, and thinking and feeling as God would think and feel in whatever scenario or situation we are in life.

Jan 142000

finally a web site for the most wired city in the country (and probably by default, the world)– Washington DC.. you’d figure there would be some great Washington DC portal with 60% of the city wired, but nooooo.. it’s taken months to get something hopping going on, and this one is sponsored by the big newspaper Washington Post..

we finally got our kitchen counter and sink in place last Saturday, so we celebrated with steaks on the indoor grill; will have pictures on the web soon.. it was delicious! and this week we’re having some open house time with people, just time to hang out and enjoy people at our home.

I’ve been feeling a bit ‘out of it’ recently, haven’t had a good engaging dialogue in a while, it might be the holiday banter lagging on, but i sure do enjoy good conversations. maybe i’ll stick to finishing my web redesign until i get the whole site overhauled

Y2K dud

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Jan 032000

Happy New Year! It was a nice entry to a new year, a new decade, a new century, a new millenium! It was especially nice that there wasn’t catastrophic failures of utilities and mass hysteria and chaos. We stayed up late watching The Matrix, getting home by about 4am.

Had my first Y2K incident, nevertheless- turns out that my new digital camera (Olympus D340R) wasn’t able to make it into the new year, and its date/clock was messed up. You’d figure that a new camera made in 1999 would be Y2K compliant, but apparently not…

how you can pray for me in the new year: I am on the brink of making a decision that will affect my career and family- tho’ I don’t really care what I do in my professional (paid) life, there are some things that I would enjoy a bit more and be a bit more effective and efficient, and so I’m praying about God’s leading in this arena. The idea of coaching that has been popularized in corporate culture and personal achievement arenas sounds intriguing- it seems that people are not disinterested in spiritual and personal guidance, but that the church is not addressing the relevant felt needs that people are seeking answered; that is, the church is answering questions that people are not asking. That’s tragic.