Dec 271999

tonight we’re going to eat at Lone Star for a nice steak dinner.. and I will get a baked sweet potato on the side.. we’re still commuting to Virginia for work and church, but live in Maryland, and sometimes when the traffic is slow (and while our kitchen is still awaiting completion), we will eat here in Virginia.. the weather has been very cold this weekend/ Christmas.. I haven’t thought about heavy stuff these days, have just relaxed and rested.. Christmas was nice this year with friends around, we had an open house on Christmas eve and about a dozen friends visit with us..

a new car!

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Dec 171999

an inspiring trip last weekend, where I got a glimpse of the vast landscape of ministry and my potential role in the midst of it.. Lord willing, God will intervene in some key ways, and we’ll see some new things happening in our generation.. on the commuter plane on the way back, after 3 days of intense dialogue, I was tired, and started to fall asleep as the plane was taking off.. not long after take off, I felt we were landing.. turns out the plane took off, hit a bird, and needed to land to clean out the left prop engine, and we were not going home in that plane.. delayed about 2 hours for a later flight, and then went home on a larger commuter plane.. and only caught the tail end of my church’s Christmas Banquet.. it began to feel a lot more like Christmas after last night’s dinner party, where we sang some nice carols.. enjoyed that much.. and as of Tuesday night, I’m now a new owner of an anonymous looking Honda Civic.. the salesman did some legwork for me, and got me a “value pack” deal, that included a CD player, remote key entry, and radio antenna built-in to rear windshield.. all I wanted was a simple commuter car, and the Lord provided a nice 4-door vehicle with a few bells and whistles

resistant relationship

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Dec 081999

a redesign long overdue is now under way.. the link above to my home page is starting to get a makeover, and I think you’ll like it.. my soul has been weighed by a strained relationship recently, for I am very intent on building good pesonal relationships (I was recently dubbed a “power relator” because I don’t settle for superficial haha type of relating), and it seems to me that as I attempt to draw near to this particular person, he gets very uncomfortable and even seething anger.. never seen anything like that before.. so I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong, and how do I demonstrate God’s love to a person like that; I’m of the persuasion that if there is tension in a relationship it is best to talk it out, to let our guard down, to know our frailty, and to forgive one another, to mend and heal; it’s a new discipline for me to just give space, but that’s seems the best I can do for now.. whew, it feels good to vent..

cynical optimism

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Dec 011999

just a month away from 2000.. the hype of the Y2K seems to me to be subsiding, and people are approaching that fateful day with a ‘business-as-usual’ attitude, with few exceptions noted.. the adventure of life continues, and I’ll hold on to my faithful skepticism and cynical optimism as I live each day with the blessed hope that I have in Jesus Christ… what does this all mean? it means that I’m realistic about living in this imperfect unidealistic world, where people let you down, people have problems and struggles, and things just don’t go right more often than not.. but with hope that we are making progress, that people can come to their senses and get beyond their problems and issues and hangups, and that the world will change one person at a time.