a la Pocono

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Oct 211999

enjoying a relaxing time here in the Pocono Mountains in northeast PA.. i’m here at our denomination’s district conference for a few days, and it really is my first ‘vacation’ in quite a while.. it was a beautiful drive up here, tho’ it rained most of the way, toward the end we were driving up the scenic route amidsts trees that were ablaze with brilliant colors of orange, red, and yellow.. and for dinner last night, we had prime rib, family style… was tempted to each a double portion, but i shouldn’t have, and i didn’t.. would love to have a digital camera (hint: great Christmas gift!) for me to show you some of the scenery..

sex talk

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Oct 181999

this entry is talking about sexuality.. some readers may be uncomfortable with its content, and those readers should skip this entry :) Christian sexuality.. it was God who created sex, and it was very good.. but in our day and time, it has been greatly perverted and exploited and abused.. sex is the ultimate intensity of human relational intimacy, to be reserved to be shared between two people privately.. not to be flaunted and exhibited for all to see– it isn’t that sexuality (or the broader term: genitality [which refers to the dynamics between genders]) is a bad thing per se in contrast to bloody violence, but that it is sacred.. and that it is to be valued, and not exploited.

tired of small talk

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Oct 101999

social situations rarely show a person in top form except for a few.. those few are called social butterflies :)

recently i find myself tired out from the small talk that is required of most social settings, or in Christianese that is called fellowship.. i do much better in engaging conversations that go beyond chatter, whether it’s controversial, intellectual, or just plain good dialogue.. if the talking is only sharing opinions that’s not engaging, but if it is dialogue and each person is listening and responding to what the other(s) say, then that’s worth staying up for, gets me engaged, and it is very entertaining (which simply means to hold one’s attention- look it up in the dictionary), and most of the time very profitable.. life is short, let’s talk meaningfully

moving on up

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Oct 061999

our move from Vienna (VA) to Bethesda (MD) is scheduled for October 30th, just a few weeks away.. I haven’t started packing, and probably won’t until the day gets closer.. things are chuggin’ along, mostly work and hangin’ with my boy Jeremiah, uses up most of my time, and one of these days, I hope to get around to a long overdue web redesign on my home page

a conversation recently steered toward transparency and vulnerability, and I don’t want to formulate a theory on it, on why people are private, or slow to open up to people.. there may be many reasons.. apart from having been burnt in the past, or gossiped, or insecure, what I can say is the lack of honest dialogue and open sharing is such a hindrance to building a community of people that know each other and care for one another..