Jul 281999

finding myself spending more time on the ‘net recently, i’m feelin’ the little ache pains in my wrists, being on the keyboard, and being on the mouse.. in the comforts of a climate controlled environment while it is steamin’ hot outside, i’ve seen much of the cyber landscape, and anticipate that it will only get more and more diverse, more and more complicated, as 21C comes along (21st century)…

24 hours in cyberspace [website now defunct] is just a media driven glimpse into the new world being created by internet, affecting even the smallest of towns, connecting the most isolated, and leaving behind those who don’t have a love for learning.. that’s the new pace of life- you have to keep learning, and there’s no rest for the weary

Sunday afternoons

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Jul 251999

one of the nicest times of rest and peace seems to most often fall on Sunday afternoons.. if anything resembles a “Sabbath” in the fast-paced life of hi-tech America [or most specifically, the Silicon Valley East of Northern Virginia], it’d be the Sunday afternoon nap.. unlike the power nap [lasting 15 minutes in duration], the nap taken at this time slot of the week’s calendar is one that lasts a good hour or two.. mine was nicely warmed with my nappin’ son Jeremiah, tuckered out on my shoulder from the day’s events.. we had gotten up early this mornin’ to worship God in a most creative and pure way, as our church continues to meet in a high school auditorium.. without the trappings of traditionalism and sanctuaries, we come as we are, and express our hearts of adoration and praise and thanks to God, for He has blessed us overwhelmingly, and pours out mercy and acceptance like no other

Jul 231999

my 2-year old boy Jeremiah gave me a phone call today.. he doesn’t know his numbers (yet) and he has only tried to talk to one other person over the phone.. but yesterday, there i am sitting at the ch.office, and i get a phone call, and it sounds like a very young boy, and he kept saying Daddy.. Daddy.. Daddy.. and i ask for some animals, and it turns out to be my boy!! he must’ve stumbled onto a redial button on one of the cordless phones at home (turns out he used our cellular phone).. and we talked for a few minutes.. it was an incredible feeling! my boy is smarter than any of us imagined…

my thought today was that many people are normal, just trying to survive, get through life, no frill, go through the routines of working, eating, resting.. maybe add a few personal hobbies.. but few recognize their internal compulsion to make a significant change to the world, as the world is given to us in an chaotic state and each person is supposed to move it towards order. that’s my take on life and the role of the individual and the community

the other thought was re: marriage and divorce.. marriages weren’t meant to be carried and shouldered by the husband and wife alone– it’s no wonder when the times get tough, and the issues get more personal, deeper, more core, that one or both want out.. the couple has to refrain from isolation, and be a part of a community, and the community together upholds the marriage, not as a commitment to the institution, but a commitment to the relationship between the husband and wife, and the relationship of the couple to the community

Jul 201999

we’ve finally gotten settled into our new church office (T/TH), it’s taken about 2 wks for the phone lines to get installed, and a few days to get the ethernet and appletalk all hooked up, and wires wrapped around door moulding and under carpet runners, and this is the first day that all our staff were in office, and things were rollin’.. we’re gearin’ up for a big church retreat weekend this Labor Day, and we’ve just gotten news that we might have a prominent speaker to go with the package, and that’s a nice added encouragement!

discussion today touched on the essence of life’s routine.. it really boils down to responsibilities and passions.. can’t do one without the other, tho’ some try, and wind up being passionless or irresponsible (respectively).

for those of you who are technically savvy, or plain ol’ curious, my exchange client was fixed.. was running Outlook 2000 and that didn’t seem to be a source of the problem, and the tech’s removed it and installed Outlook 98, and probably changed some other settings, and now I have work email access.

Jul 191999

i’ve been having email problems with Exchange at work (my M/W/F job), and it’s been two weeks now.. it will be fixed today, whether from their tinkering, or from reformatting the whole hard drive.. weeks recently have been hectic, and they’re calling forth more perseverance, tenacity, and faithfulness.. my thought this morning was that God’s strength is made perfect in weakness.. let’s see what God will do.

rise and shine

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Jul 161999

i’m up at 5am today b/c my boy likes to sleep in our big queen bed, but there’s not enough room for all of us (me, my wife, and my boy).. i’ve been sleeping odd hours [odd for me] anyways, getting to bed before 10pm, and awakening about 5am or so the past few days.. nothing really on my mind per se, but getting to surf the ‘net with more bandwidth [via cable modem] and less ‘net traffic.. came across some cool sites today [see above], and basically feeling pretty good, as God seems to have things under control with my life and the fam and the rest.

i like seein’ personal web sites that have good substantive content, not that they have to reveal too much, but enough to get an understandin’ of who someone is.. i noticed lots of interest [among Asian-Ams] for import cars and the other gender [depending on perspective], but not much for spirituality.. graspin’ graspin’ and graspin’ for somethin’ to fill that empty void in the soul that only Christ can fill..

restful weekend

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Jul 121999

i turned 33 this past Friday, and my first thought is how this was so close to the age when Jesus Christ was crucified, and how he had impacted the world in such a tremendous way in a shortened life, and how centered he was… so i’m asking myself, now at the age of 33, how much has happened in my earthly existence [and i suppose if any one of us compared our lives to Jesus' that we'd all pale in comparison, but follow my train of thought and don't get lost here].. what kind of an impact am i having on the world, who are the people that i’m intentionally spending time with and pouring my insights and wisdom into, and where is it that i’m going.. Jesus to me is the best person to learn from and to be like.. i pray that i’m making progress towards that, as birthdays are a good marker to think about these kind of things

so Roo surprises me on Friday night, taking me to Les Miserables at the National Theater, and we had a group totalling 9 people sitting together for this momentous event.. [this was my first time seeing this; i'm not all into plays and operas and orchestras].. it was a wonderful story and a great production! we wind up staying up until 3am hanging out at Silver Diner, and then the rest of the weekend was layin’ low; got to attend a little friend’s birthday party on Saturday afternoon.. really enjoyed visiting with some new people.. and then sunday we tripped over to Winchester, to visit my ‘rents

first contact

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Jul 081999

i got my first reply to these journal entries last night! it’s really awesome that people can be in touch via the internet over thousands of miles, as if they were right here.. i’m attending a seminar today about some of the latest technology being used in the computing world.. [note the intentionally vague description :) ]

Jul 071999

i think i’m still feeling it from the heat of the east, as several days of 100+ temperature has skewered the metro DC area.. our a/c is running at home practically all the time.. and with the slow recovering, it feels like the brainwaves have turned to mush too.. it’s hard to find engaging conversations while surfing the ‘net or going through the routines of life.. but i’m hopeful.. there’s always hope.. there’s always potential.. God is alive and well, and I know He is at work, even when things look bleek or mundane or just plain blah… one challenge i’m thinking of as i scribe these journals is that much of my life revolves around relationships and socials, it’s usually doing life with people or family, and to leave them out of this conversation may leave less content here, but it’s good for respect of their ‘privacy’.. one way to get more of my social/ conversational life here is to speak in anonymous obscurity.. one conversation i had was about using chat rooms via IRC, and how i had used mIRC for some time.. and the thing about chat is that you spend a whole chunk of time getting into a short conversation.. and the crazy thing is that probably 10,000 or more are online in IRC channels at a time.. that’s a lot of people sitting at computer screens talking to people in virtual world.. can you imagine the implication of that on the real world, and how we socialize?